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  1. CSN 2017 ADN program!

    Is this your page? CSN-RN Spring 2017 Hopefuls on FB
  2. Csn 2017 spring program

    That is great news for so many people!
  3. CSN 2017 ADN program!

    When did you last talk to someone about this? Because I've now heard from 2 different people who were told this last week that they won't go through with that change. They WERE going to require it, but decided against it.
  4. Csn 2017 spring program

    I heard this same thing last week.
  5. CSN 2017 ADN program!

    Just got word that they are not going through with the change that requires a CNA license before applying. So, anyone that doesn't get in for Spring 2017 can apply for Fall 2017 and not have to stress about the CNA. This is all I've heard so far, and...
  6. Csn 2017 spring program

    Just FYI in case you haven't seen them yet, there ARE at least 2 other posts about the Spring 2017 CSN program. I'm applying to full time track with 34-35 points.
  7. CSN 2017 ADN program!

    I didn't realize you were allowed to apply without BIOL 223?? I will be applying with everything finished except for Micro and Nevada History, which I'll take both of those Fall semester before Spring Nursing Program begins. Hopefully 34 points is en...
  8. CSN spring2017 HOPEFULLS

    So pretty much everything? lol
  9. CSN spring2017 HOPEFULLS

    Hello! It sounds like you will have no problem getting in with 37 points. I'm planning on applying with 34 or 35 points, depending on how I do on the Kaplan. Do you have any advice for the test?
  10. CSN 2017 ADN program!

    When are you taking the Kaplan? I'm scheduled for July 30. From what I've found out from searching online about the test, Khan Academy is a great resource for the math and science portions, and then find an ACT study guide for the reading/writing par...
  11. CSN FALL 2016

    I totally get it!! I have 4 kids from 8-2 and am applying for full time as well, and I'm older than you. I was 1 class away from applying (out of state) 10 years ago, then decided having kids was something I couldn't put off, but nursing was. This i...
  12. CSN FALL 2016

    I'm taking it July 30th, and I only have one chance at taking it - I'm soooooo nervous. You have nothing to lose taking it again, and I have heard it's the identical test, so just try to remember what you missed and study that. You're right though, y...
  13. CSN FALL 2016

    See my above comment.
  14. CSN FALL 2016

    Do you have time to take the KAT again before the 9/1 deadline? If so, I think you should just do that. From what I understand, the waiver would be a memo and would put you beneath EVERYONE else that doesn't have a memo. Although, then after everyone...
  15. CSN 2017 ADN program!

    Are you taking any classes this summer, and have you done the limited entry workshop yet? Did you take the KAT or TEAS? I won't be ready to turn in my application until mid-August...