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hopefulkim99's Latest Activity

  1. hopefulkim99

    College of the Canyons Spring 2020

    Anyone who started the program yet? How's it going?
  2. hopefulkim99

    Brandman University ABSN Program

    Any new updates? How's the program going?
  3. Thanks! I'll be refreshing that until October 11 lol
  4. Fingers crossed for you! Do they notify by email too?
  5. Thanks! That's earlier then expected. Hopefully, fewer applications!
  6. Hey! I'm sorry I'm not in the program. I just applied. It looks like CEP students take on additional courses each term like'pathophysiology and other tough sounding courses to me. I'm sorry my message was confusing!
  7. I can't work during the program my jobs 8 to 5. Not flexible. So I have to quit. Glad RCC is so cheap too. Maybe not working will make it possible to get through school in 1 piece lol.
  8. Hey guys I applied to the CEP program and looking at the course load, I think I want the regular ADN lol. Anyone else apply for both? Is it smart to decline the CEP if accepted and hold out for the ADN
  9. Thank you. Hopeful we all wet in and we all get the good professors lol
  10. Do you guys know anyone who attend RCC nursing? What do they say about it? I don't know any one there and i want to know how much everyone loves RCC! GOOD LUCK WITH THE TEAS!!! Do the practice test.
  11. hopefulkim99

    RCC ADN FALL 2018

    Anyone around to share their experience with the program?
  12. Hello! Anyone in the program already that can share their experiences?
  13. hopefulkim99

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    Hi! Are you still around to answer questions about Chaffey?
  14. hopefulkim99

    LPT to LVN

    Thanks for the updates!
  15. hopefulkim99

    Commute or no

    Great idea! I'll have to discuss this with family. Thank you
  16. hopefulkim99

    Commute or no

    Thank you. That's a great suggestion.

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