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Need Organization ideas!

Amethya specializes in Cardiology, School Nursing, General.

So I was called out by the Operations managers that my room is a bit messy because of all the donation clothes I gotten are not fixed up. I have a bit of a small room and I brought a small plastic drawer earlier this year to fix up the clothes, but as more clothes came in, the harder it was to organize it. So I asked if we can get a large storage locker in my room, and they agreed. But I was wondering do you all have any good ideas how to organize the locker and the clothes? Any ideas would be awesome.

Eleven011 specializes in Home Health,Dialysis, MDS, School Nurse.

I have a ton of donated clothes/coats that I am responsible for storing and organizing. I have a little breezeway type area with a bathroom that connects to the preschool room next door. Inside the bathroom I have a tall sterilite closet type thing that holds underwear (boys in one basket, girls in another), basket for socks, then i have tshirts organized by size (with labeled shelves). In the breezeway I had maintenance install a hanging rod for my coats which I hang by size. Above them in a long shelf that I keep my pants, again by size with a label on the shelf. Under the coats are totes with random things, extra sweatshirts, some shoes, pullups, etc. Then as you enter my office, I have another wardrobe type thing that holds hats/gloves/snowpants and boots. It took me along time and many inservice days to get it all this organized. It was all thrown together in cardboard boxes when I started this job!

OyWithThePoodles specializes in Med-surg, school nursing..

My Family Resource Officer keeps them in her office. (Side note-does anyone else call this person a "friskey" -FRYSC- we do and I wonder if thats odd?)

At my previous school I had a large cabinet that I kept a few things in and the FRYSC kept the rest.

Eleven011 specializes in Home Health,Dialysis, MDS, School Nurse.

I have a closet and I use the copy paper boxes for each size.

I LOVE copy paper boxes! I use them for everything!

Flare specializes in school nursing, ortho, trauma.

I have a book shelf on the wall and copy paper boxes and the clothing sorted into categories like undies, big pants, little pants, big shirts, etc. I generally don't keep big bulky coats.

JenTheSchoolRN specializes in School nursing.

I have a metal self standing closet. It isn't deep enough for boxes, unfortunately. Since I cover grades 5-12 and we wear uniforms, I have it separated by shelf - gym uniforms on lower shelf; shirts on middle shelf, separated by middle and high school (they wear different shirts); pants on upper shelf, separated into kid, men, and women piles. I have bins on the top for shoes and other odds and ends (socks, belts, ties, etc).

OldDude specializes in Pediatrics.

I have no trouble organizing my extra clothes...because I don't have any!!! We have no extra clothes at school. :up:

Amethya specializes in Cardiology, School Nursing, General.

So I asked for a long storage cabinet, and will buy tubs so I can organize stuff around. Hopefully it helps a bit and it will be easier to manage here.


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