Need major help with NCLEX


Hello everyone.

I cannot seem to pass my boards! I just took it for the third time and had 265 questions for the third time and I still didnt pass it. I took the Kaplan course, an ERI course, and used several other books and cds. I have no idea where to start this time. I can't afford to hire a tutor. I was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas for me.



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Sorry to hear the difficulty. Please check out our NCLEX forum which can be found via the "Students" tab at the top of any page. Many questions have already been asked, many answered. Also there, please check out Suzanne's First Tip.


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welcome.gif welcome to all nurses! we're glad you've decided to join us. ;)
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Hi! Good luck to you. Moving to the NCLEX forum where such things are addressed. Take some time to look around there too.

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