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Hello ya'll. I just wanted to see if there was anyone in here who needs some support with losing weight. I have about 80-100 pounds to loose and Im so desperate to get it off. It hinders me from doing a lot. Right now I am in nursing school and I struggle to have the energy to study and concentrate like I want to. I feel like I am stuck in a cage and get out!!! Being obese is a miserable way to live and Im fed up with it!! I am only 23 years old and fee like I am 100 years old every morning when I wake up. I am tired of the crying and being miserable. I am about to start a hospital job and I don't want to be known as the new fat girl. Im tired of the stares and different treatment I get from people for being fat. Help!!!!!!!!!!


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hi, i feel badly you feel so awful about this weight.

i have learned that whether i am 2 pounds over weight or 22 pounds overweight it has a direct effect on how i feel about a lot of things in my life.

i would suggest the following and understand i know nothing about you or your habits.

take the stairs at least one flight if you can.

try to limit carbs during the day to your good fruits/veggies and don't eat carbs at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

pack your own lunch for work, it puts you in control. not the lady with the big ladel holding the macaroni.

avoid as much as you can that food that is on every nursing unit (chips/dip donuts from the appreciative families)

don't skip a meal. if you are too busy at work to have a meal than at least have some sort of protein (a scoop of peanut butter, a handful of nuts)

use equal or another sugar substitue

drink water.......repeat this thousands of times to yourself.

join a program. weight watchers will give you great support.

do something physical everyday. yes...the lure of the coach after working/school is inviting . so maybe in the morning get up a half hour earlier. think of it as actually doing something for yourself that only you can do.

set your own goal.

don't deprive yourself of everything.

i hope you do well. this is such a stressful time. get into a halfway decent pattern before the holidays.

if you don't succeed the first time just do it again.

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I would love to be your weight loss buddy. I have about 80 pounds to lose myself. I just joined curves for women to start getting my exercise. If you're interested in an email buddy send me a PM.


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Welcome to the board and congratulations on your desire to improve your health (and I might suggest telling yourself that - "I want to improve my health" - weight loss is an intimidating goal, but we can all do so many things every day to improve our well-being which will have the pleasant side effect of weight loss.)

Water, water, water. Measure a 64 oz jug every morning and drink it before you go to bed. Up your fiber intake as well - 25-35 grams oer day just like the recommendations say. Both will help you feel full.

Can't agree enough re: making your own lunch. If not, tho, and you're stuck with the cafeteria, stay away from the processed junk. Even the worst hospital cafeteria generally has fresh fruit, yogurt, and vegetables. (The gals I work with at the hospital laugh at my predictable lunches, but consistancy is your friend in weight management.) I pack my lunch and avoid bringing money to work so I don't get caught by the "everyone's ordering out" trap.

Don't bring things into the house that you know you don't have the fortitude to control yourself around (yet.) Sweets should enter your home only in small portions.

When others take a smoke break, take a walking break.

Love yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of all the wonderful qualities you have that have NOTHING to do with your appearance. Loving ourselves gives us the strength to say no to that comforting fatty food that promises to accept us unconditionally.


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It is so frustrating being overweight, and feeling lousy all the time.

I agree with previous posts, try to limit carbs and exercise as often as possible. That being said you mentioned how tired you are, and crying alot - Do you think you are depressed and need an antidepressant? Some will help make you feel better, and curb your appetite also. But there are a few that will actually put weight on too - so be careful and tell the Doctor what your trying to do. I have had issues with my weight my whole life, but worse is the depression - which causes the wt. gain for me. So maybe you could benefit from a minor stimulant to help you get energy.

Can't hurt to ask. Anyway, good luck. And treat yourself kindly,

its tough these days w/ all this yummy stuff bombarding us 24/7.


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Check out Dr. Phil's new book on the subject.


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Originally posted by Nurse Ratched

Water, water, water. Measure a 64 oz jug every morning and drink it before you go to bed. Up your fiber intake as well - 25-35 grams oer day just like the recommendations say. Both will help you feel full.

I agree on both of these points, it may seem like a lot of water at first but you get used to it and then if you ever don't drink your 64oz, you will notice because you will feel the difference, you will actually feel the dehydration.

One note on increasing your fiber intake. If you are used to eating that much fiber in a day, you will want to increase your intake slowly, like adding a few grams each day or each week. I didn't know that you should do this and I just started right in, going from 5-10grams of fiber to 35 grams of fiber a day and man did i pay for it. You will have abdominal cramps like you won't believe! So build up those fiber grams, but do it slowly!



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I have to agree with Nurse Ratched. Love yourself and don't focus on losing wieght, rather focus on a healthier you.

I wish you all the best :kiss


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Thanks to you all for the pointers. I am trying some day and I am already feeling a little better!!! I am moving more and limiting what I am eating to like 1500 calories. I am tired of livin large and now Im ready to be in charge!!!

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Originally posted by sjoe

Check out Dr. Phil's new book on the subject.

I agree. Excellent resource. It truly has alot to offer!


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Do you have a stationary bike? You could do your reading/studying while riding the bike, after all, you have to do it anyway.

It really helps with the butt and thighs, and if you do enough it will work on the fat tummy also.

Exercise also is supposed to improve the mood be releasing endorphins (I think I spelled that correctly).

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Originally posted by cannoli

Do you have a stationary bike? You could do your reading/studying while riding the bike, after all, you have to do it anyway.

Just ride one of the ones designed for people with back trouble. I did this on a regular stationary bike, lost my balance, fell right off. In the evening, when EVERYONE is there :rolleyes:

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