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BAIAE is bronchial asthma in acure exacerbation

BPN is btonchopneumonia

I dont know NRRR

Your help is greatly appreciated, Thank you!

I only know that abd is abdominal or abdomen


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Sleepy Mom:

Seems this is an older question and may not be useful to you but may help someone else :-)

amb = ambulate

amb c ass = ambulate with assistance

as tol = as tolerated

str = straight - as hooking a catheter to straight drainage is the best I can do on this one. I've not encountered this one!


I just bought a book last night at Barnes and Noble on medical terminology, it was a $70 book I got for $8, huge book and looks like it will be very helpful once I get my pre reqs done. They may have it on sale where you are (in the bargain books section)

has anyone ever seen/heard of using "et" in stead of "and"? I review charts for the law firm I work at and came across one nurse who consistently wrote "et" in place of "and."

ever seen that? I had NEVER heard of it. :uhoh3:

Ive got a question. What do you do at the firm? Do you like it? and Are you a RN? How did you get your job? Did you have special training? Ok so theres a bunch of questions. Its just that I have really loved law and thought it would be neat to do review. Ive been in case mgmt and have some good exper. what ya think. Ps I dont punctuate on this site mostly because Im lazy by this time of day.

If I might inject a thought here on medical terminology books. I have a series of books produced by Stedman's. They are literally books by specialty like one book is Cardiology, one is ENT, one is Orthopaedic, and so on, anyways, these books are literally hundreds of pages of words associated with those Specialties. There are used ones you can find on Ebay or for 10-20 dollars a piece. They are books generally used by medical transcriptionists, but who knows terminology better than those who have to type it and hear it everyday.

Good luck

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Here's a website that relates popular/common terms with medical/technical terms. It's essentially a thesaurus.

For example, if you browse under "P" for "pain in a joint," you'll find the word "arthralgia."

It's not just in English but 8 other languages, as well.

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s/p status post cath (heart cath) showed xxxxblockage in rca (right coronary artery).

I'm starting my BSN program the first week of January & am worried about learning all the terminology. Thank you to everyone who has posted helpful websites!


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Hi Idgy20004, I'm going into my last semester BSN RN program in January. I just wanted to let you know that you will be picking up the terminology while going through your classes. It would benefit you to know the basics before the program by googling "medical terminology". Hope that helps!!