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  1. How about Wilmington, NC?!! The weather is great, people are nice, plenty of opportunity, and most importantly we have the beaches!
  2. jr8456

    Getting the RNs to know im an extern :)

    first off, congratulations surviving your first year of nursing school! i understand 100% how tough nursing school could be since i only graduated 1 month ago. i too was a nurse intern at a big hospital in town and i know you are very nervous, but understand that you made the best decision to do an externship during your time off. it is going to benefit you sooo much. it will also give you confidence when speaking to patients. my internship helped me think critically and i think it also put me at a greater advantage then my other classmates when we came back to school. i was able to visualize the patients i had when the teacher taught class and it helped me tremendously in my test taking. as an intern/extern you can work in the scope as an na, or an naii in my state. i worked with my preceptor and she allowed me to assist her in assessing, treatments, etc. i could not give meds because i was to work in the role as an na. in clinicals you are covered by the school's insurance, but since you will not be licensed as an rn, you will not be able to administer medications. you will be working with an rn and you will be the na/extern for that group of patients. you should not have a cna assignment because you are there for an externship. by all means help out if there is no na available, but don't fall into the trap of doing na assignments because the nurses will look at you as the na for the floor and will continue to give you those assignments. the best advice i can give you is to familiarize yourself with the drugs that your patients will be getting, understand the disease processes (patho), familiarize yourself with the labs and relate them back to your patient, and do a couple of care plans. your senior year will be a breeze if you successfully do these things, and you will conquer the nclex! take advantage of being there. become one of the team, make a good impression! the nurse manager offered me a position before i even graduated! (i am in orientation now). -jr8456, rn
  3. jr8456

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    I found out today that I passed!!!! Yayyyy! I'm officially an RN!
  4. jr8456

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    On the NCLEX, you want to get the "higher level" questions. Those consist of analysis, prioritization, delegation, and application scenarios. Anything at the recall or knowledge level are considered lower level questions because it is pretty much memorization and you are not using your critical thinking skills. I did the Hurst review, and I did the practice questions from Saunders, Lippencott, NCLEX 3500, the Kaplan book (2007-08 version) and CDs. I found the Kaplan book and the NCLEX 3500 pretty useful and was the most similar to the NCLEX. Also, the Hurst review was AWESOME! It was worth the money. I had 75 questions total, 14 SATA, 4 Math, 4 drug questions. I had a lot of prioritization questions and felt that I was in the higher level range. I find out on thursday how I did, but I am feeling pretty confident already.
  5. I took my NCLEX this afternoon. I had 14 SATA, 4 calculations, and 4 Meds. My test stopped at 75 questions, I'll let u know how I do in 48 hours!
  6. jr8456

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    I took my NCLEX today !!!! I had 75 questions, tons of priority, delegation, and teaching questions. I feel pretty confident about it... I'll keep ya'll updated!
  7. jr8456

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    That's the spirit of the Lord trying to get through 2 u! Sometimes we need to hear things more than once...lol...:)
  8. jr8456

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    Hello everyone, I am taking my NCLEX tomorrow at 2:00! I do feel a little nervous about it, but not fearful. (this is my first attempt BTW) I was sharing with a minister in my church about how scared I was to take this exam... but he shared with me II Timothy 1:10 "The Lord did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind". I felt peace after that. We need to rely on the Lord instead of thinking we can do everything on our own. He got us this far! I'm just thankful that the Lord sent someone to share that with me, and now I'm sharing it with you! Don't be fearful.
  9. jr8456

    May Nclex takers...come and join hands...

    " got a question regarding nephrotic syndrome and glomerulonephritis. i read in saunder's that both should have low protein diet, i can't figure out why since both have proteinuria..can someone explain this to me please? thanks! congrats to all who passed!!" limit protein with kidney problems except nephrotic syndrome
  10. jr8456

    About To Take The Nclex

    I'm taking my NCLEX on June 3rd. I am a little nervous, but mostly want to just get it over with!!!! I just completed my NCLEX review class today and I am feeling pretty confident. Please keep praying for me!
  11. jr8456

    Officially a Graduate Nurse

    I know exactly how you feel! I finished my final this past Wednesday and it still doesn't feel real to me either... It's true 4 years does fly by.... I'm soooo happy for us! When's your pinning ceremony? Mine is on the 9th!!! YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!
  12. jr8456

    I got in!

    Congratulations!!! What a great accomplishment. I'm about to graduate, I know you are sooooo excited right now, I know, I cried, lol... Good Luck!
  13. jr8456

    First job: how'd you pick?

    I would definetely do a summer internship. What you learn there is invaluable. Also work as an aide and if the opportunity arises, volunteer to "float" to other units. In your first semester senior year, I would suggest going to nursing job fairs and hand out your resumes to the nurse managers at the different departments that you are interested in.
  14. Last Exam April 30th Pinning Ceremony May 9th Graduation May 10th WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!
  15. Hi Idgy20004, I'm going into my last semester BSN RN program in January. I just wanted to let you know that you will be picking up the terminology while going through your classes. It would benefit you to know the basics before the program by googling "medical terminology". Hope that helps!!
  16. jr8456

    Who is graduating NOW!! Dec 07, Jan 08

    I'm graduating May '08 with my BSN RN degree, can't wait!!!! Congratulations to all December grads!