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I am looking for a RN to communicate with via e-mail for a school project. I am a RN currently working on my BSN and one of our assignments is to find another RN outside of Georgia. You can be from another state or country. I will just want to know general information about what area you work in, the area you specialize in and information about educational programs in your area. If you are interested in helping me out, please reply. I will greatly appreciate anyone that is available to help. This will only be for the next 14 weeks of this semester.

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I live in Kitchener Ontario Canada so I can help

I'm now working in occupational health new job got it in April.

Last job was a nursing station/ outpost nursing up north. So I'm not really settled into a specialty yet.

I'm taking a distance educational program (OHN) threw St. Lawrence College.

It's about 5-hour drive away. There is one community college close by that offers a BSN program with a university. (Ontario is in the process of BSN entry to practice.) They also have continuing ed courses. They also have a OHN course but d/t work I felt the distance ed was better. I got my 3 year RN there.

I've PM you my e-mail address for anything more info that you need.


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I would also be glad to help. I am an RN from New York State, ER nursing experience, some floor nursing, currently "dippng my pen" in public health. PM me and I will provide my email address, I am on the net q day, and whether you choose me or not, GOOD LUCK!!!



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I'm also willing to help. I've been a RN for 20 years and am the manager of an outpatient psychiatric program in Saipan.

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Glad to help a student. I'm a psychogeriatric nurse from Winnipeg Canada. Love to talk. Been in the Business for 4 years.

Have my 4 year degree and gerontological certification. I work in long term care.

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Would love to help too, In critical care, NC for 5 years with 1 1/2 years management

Sounds like an interesting course... good luck

If your interested pm me.

Working Girl

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Thanks to everyone who offered to help me. You guys are great.

Also, Thanks for the words of encouragment.

Working Girl


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I am happy to help too- if you want a totally different perpective!! I work in london, England!! let me know if I can help



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Me too!

I'm in Elderly Mental Health because it's easier to spell than what Adrienne said!

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I'm in South Carolina. 12 years experience in long term care. No longer on the provider side, I'm in Health Regulations. Also work every other weekend on an ortho floor at a local hospital to keep my skills in check. BA degree in Education. Nursing is a 2nd degree. Certified in Gerentological Nursing. Would be most happy to help if need be.


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hi Working Girl: Welcome to the board; I'm willing to help you. I'm a 18 years experience nurse from Uruguay, South America. Now in charge of an OB_GYN unit for 2 years. If you need my help just let me know. Good luck!


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I can help too, but um just a cna :-(

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