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  1. nurseman

    want to get into Diabetes education

    Have you talked to the practisoners where your children are following, or the center you would like to work at? They might could tell you what the preferred education/certification is. The hospitals around me were looking for CDE. A degree was an added bonus.
  2. nurseman

    Wearing a beard as a male nurse?

    I wasn't allowed to have a beard while working at a rural hospital, as there was a possibility of wearing a N95. I was allowed a goatee. Now that I have a desk job at the same hospital I've grown a beard.
  3. nurseman

    RN/CDE foot exams?

    I recently did some training at the Diabetes Education Center (DEC) at the hospital that I work for. Our goal is minimum one foot exam per year. It can either be done at the DEC or their family doctor's office. Inlow's 60-second Diabetic Foot Screen is used. For logistics: A disposable pad was placed on the floor and we did it with the patient sitting in the office chair. I don't deal with any billing so I can't help you there. They showed me how to use the Screen and watched while I did it. I'm trying to get my CDE so I have done some diabetic foot exams in the past. Here is the link to the screen. I`m not sure if it is used Canada wide. I believe that it is used at all the DECs in Ontario. http://www.diabetes.ca/CDA/media/documents/clinical-practice-and-education/professional-resources/60-second-diabetic-foot-screen-tool.pdf
  4. nurseman

    How to be an Occupational Health Nurse???

    About 50% of the factories in the industrial park where I work have their nurse working shifts. (mine included) So be careful where you drop your resume off. St. Lawrence College has a distance ed Occupational Health Program.
  5. nurseman

    Nursing Assessment Class for "MALES"?

    When I went to school they paired up the guys in assessment class when we were learning to do bed baths and chest assessments. For some reason they didn't want the male and female students together when they were in partial states of undress. :imbar
  6. nurseman

    What is the start wage for a GN in your province?

    This is a list of wages that I got off http://www.canadianrn.com They have not updated it in a few years British Columbia $24.70 to $32.42 Alberta $23.75 to $30.11 Saskatchewan $19.29 to $23.44 Manitoba $20.46 to $24.12 Ontario $20.50 to $30.24 Québec $16.04 to $23.30 New Brunswick $17.93 to $21.83 Nova Scotia $19.52 to $22.91 Prince Edward Island $17.69 to $21.55 Newfoundland $16.83 to $20.82 Wages based on Provincial Collective Agreements. Shift premiums and benefits not included.
  7. nurseman

    flu shot

    I got mine a couple of weeks ago. The only side effect was bit of a headache the next day. I live in Ontario so it was free.
  8. nurseman

    "but she's so nice!"

    I'm positive that the people with the extra work load are not going to hate you.
  9. nurseman

    Migrating to Canada from U.S as aregistered nurse

    Try looking for info here http://cicnet.ci.gc.ca/english/work/index.html
  10. nurseman

    Prescription meds without a prescription?

    Rubber stamping American prescriptions, sounds like a sweet job to me. Canada Certified Physicians Wanted 02-May-03 We are looking for Physicians with a Canadian License to review patient charts along with their American Physician's prescription. We do not dispense Narcotic or Controlled drugs and will work with you to develop guidelines under which you would feel comfortable reviewing these charts and prescriptions. Remuneration is generous. Please call 1-800-891-0844 or email us at doctors@canadapharmacy.com for more information.
  11. nurseman

    domestic partner benefits

    Common law relationships are not considered marriages in Canada and you do not have to get a divorce when you split up. After a specific amount of time (depending on which province you live in) there are legal issues with property division.
  12. nurseman

    domestic partner benefits

    Our benefit plan covers common law relationships. It is quiet a progressive plan too. Your spouse get the same coverage that you are eligible for, same sex couples are recognised and the coverage starts the day you move you partner in.
  13. nurseman


    I've been a OHN for 1 year and I'm starting to take the courses so I can go for my COHN©. ©= Canadian
  14. nurseman

    I need a job !!

    try workopolis
  15. nurseman

    RNAO question

     I think that for $60 it is a good deal LAP does not cover complaints to the College of Nurses of Ontario, and it only takes costs someone a stamp to make a complaint against you.
  16. nurseman


    http://www.trilliumhr.com/ I had a classmate who liked them. Never used them my self. You should look at workopolis to try finding a job in Canada. Did you ever think about going up North?