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I'm having trouble finding scrubs that fit me properly. I cannot try different brands to find a good fit because my program requires that we buy Cherokee brand only. I'm a size 14 and the medium pants and top fit me but they are snug...the large size also fit but they are a little loose. I need a medium and a half! LOL Anyway, I did ask for the opinion of the woman that was working at the store and she stated that she thought the mediums looked nicer on me. Do you think I should go with the pair that look nicer, or the pair that allows for more comfort? Will the scrubs shrink up at all after washing? If they shrink a little then the large size would fit nicely, however any shrinking will cause the mediums to be unwearable. Anyone else having this issue? What did you do?

I had the same problem but with Large & XL. Large could have been a little looser around the hips but I was wading in the XL. I went with the large & resigned myself to lose weight. lol

If it's a big deal, buy the large & have them tailored.

I would get the size larger, they will be more comfortable and pracitcle for long shifts and the scrubs do tend to shirnk after the first few washes! I put my scrubs through a battery of tests before purchaseing, I always bend a few times, do some squats, and put my hands in both the front pockets of the shirt, if there is tightness and discomfort in any of these then it woud be better to get the next size up.

Go with the bigger ones. Nursing school is stressful, and there's less time for exercise, so losing weight probably isn't much of a reality. You're going to want to wash them in hot water and dry them on high heat to kill the germs from clinical, so they probably will shrink a bit. Worst case scenario, you could have them taken in a bit at a tailor. All of the dry cleaning shops around here offer cheap same-day tailoring.

Thanks everyone :) I think I'll go with the larger size.

I had the same problem with L and XL...I bought 2 of the large and 1 of the XL for the uncomfortable days lol....Either way, I'm not too happy with the way that brand fits either. The womens shirts sort of bunch up too. That said....wooooo I start Monday!!!

I had the same issue with our Cherokee uniform scrub tops, but debating between small and medium (we can get whatever brand scrub pants we like, thank goodness). I told my husband I'd be happy if they made a small-and-a-half, lol!

I ended up going with the medium for more length (I'm tall and somewhat lanky with an hourglass shape -- hard to fit!) and more room for the days I want to layer a tee underneath for warmth, as I am perpetually cold. I am planning to wash and dry them hot a couple of times before wearing, in hopes they'll shrink a bit. I'm kind of swimming in them but I had to remind myself that it's nursing school, not a fashion show! ;)

Get the fit that feels right--don't look at the size. I like scrubs that are a little larger--especially the top because there are times I like to wear a long sleeved Tee. The thing is: you are working not going out to attract the opposite sex or attention. Get the size that is most comfortable for you and allows you the freedom you will need on the job.

The scrubs we can buy through school are also Cherokee, and our instructors advised us to be a size up because of shrinkage.

My problem has been finding a size that is LONG enough! I need a tall top, lol!

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A little extra room in the top is a good idea as when you load up the pockets it might ride up a litte/lot if you don't have that extra circumfrence.

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I'd advise the larger scrubs. You can always have them altered, but if they shrink at all, the smaller ones will be inappropriately snug. And if you're usually cold, you'll want to wear something underneath.

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Comfort, hands down. You can always have them brought in if they are too big.

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