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  1. I failed med surg 1, had to re-take, passed, then failed my final exam of med-surg 3 which made me fail the class the day before graduation. Since this was my 2nd strike, I was kicked out of the program. I was offered a loophole. Take the LPN program...
  2. What states allow you to challenge the NCLEX-PN?

    Thanks y'all. I think I'm just gonna do the last semester of LPN. Not how I wanted to do this but it seems to be the quickest route to getting licensed.
  3. I am a student nurse & I've passed everything but my last class of the RN program (critical care). Because I failed this class by 2.5 points on my exam, I am unable to graduate & am being asked to take the LPN course & then re-enroll into...
  4. Failed out of last 7.5 week of class before graduation

    I'm so upset! They said to transfer to the LPN program IN THE SAME SCHOOL, for an entire year & then we could start the LPN to RN program & would have to retake everything after Fundamentals!! That means even though I passed Med surg 1 & ...
  5. Failed out of last 7.5 week of class before graduation

    I don't think I can challenge in the state of Maryland but I am a dual resident of WV (since I own a home there.) I'm having trouble finding information about it. Since it's Saturday, the offices aren't open & the websites are a little confusing....
  6. I just got my final test grade for Critical Care & I bombed it. I don't know how, but it's done. I cried, hyperventilated, & puked everywhere the several minutes following being sent my score 3 hours ago & have been crying on & off si...
  7. April 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Should I just bring you the coffee pot?
  8. My clinical instructor is not liked by many people because she's infection control & people are constantly being caught doing stuff they shouldn't be doing. Personally, I love her. I went in with a light attitude & poked fun at her a little &...
  9. Low oxygen saturation problem

    Asthma is a medical diagnosis... But I'd first check to see if they look like they're breathing okay, if the pulse ox is on properly, if they have nail polish on, try different fingers or toes... Etc. Sent from my iPhone using
  10. I'm not sure this will help but there is a local school here that is not accredited but is turning over lots of dental assistant graduates. A friend of mine advise me that she applied for her certification after spending upwards of 15-20k for school ...
  11. The rolling backpack debate

    I bought all my books for Amazon & none were available digitally. :-( Sent from my iPhone using
  12. I know how you feel. The hospice called my family to Michigan for her final hours. My parents left yesterday morning. I stay here... Sent from my iPhone using
  13. need support

    You might get a better response from an actual nurse outside of the student forum... Sent from my iPhone using
  14. BSN without RN

    I'm not talking about Math 101, etc. Of course those can be done online. Anatomy & Physiology requires dissection. Microbiology requires cultures done in a lab. However, I'm referring to the nursing program itself. I looked & looked for onli...
  15. The rolling backpack debate

    I totally might get a rolling suitcase! lol This load is ridiculous! I had to lug that stuff up a steep hill both ways & 1/4 mile away. Who decided to put a campus around a steep hill? lol