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Hi all I have taken the Nclex PN 2 times now and failed the second time. The first time my results were the low scores and Above in Pharm. The second time I took it in July 2010 my scores were Near passing for all and Above passing for Pharm. I have started studying in July 2010 but stopped. I just don't have the zeal to study. I know I have one more chance to take it but scared to death. I try to think positive but always remember when I prayed and all I thought were positive thoughts I failed. I even did the Hurst review my school was offering it and well the book has been sitting on my desk since July. Is there anyone who took it 2 times or even 3 with any words of wisdom.

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Keep trying. It will happen. I took my test, LPN, RN, FNP and passed the first time. You must calm yourself down, stop reading into the question and go for your first instinct. Look at the questions in the review books, take the test fast as possible, do not study the question, and see if this is what you are doing(studying the questions) to defeat yourself. Toping out scores in pharm, says you are analytical, these questions are not to be analyzed. JUST DO IT.

Thanks for the advice.

I took it twice and passed on third attempt.Lacharity yes lacharity for rn,examcram and frye's 3000 bullets for pn as well as knowing your labs and infection control.You need to focus more on contents than answering questions.Exam cram contents does it for me as saunders as too much wordings for me.Good luck and pray too!

Until you can bring yourself to do a decent job of preparing, I suggest you not schedule it again. You have to be serious about working at it. But don't give up. You just have to get hold of yourself and get it done. You don't want to be in this rut ten years from now. Get going!

Hmmm until I can bring myself to a decent job of preparing ??? You don't know me or my situation at all. You give other people who has failed like 10 times a pat on the back. I know I will not be in a rut in 10 years cause I will pass this exam. I joined this forum cause of the support and advice and experience other people with smiliar situations. It's very hard all your life never having someone to support you. This is the only exam in my life that I have had to take that's giving me trouble. Damn if some people could take it 10 times and pass I know I can. So maybe Caliotter don't judge someone if you don't know there story.

Thank you Tammy I would take your advice. I think that is what I have been doing sometimes memorizing the questions sometimes. Now I know how to apply what I know because I starred doing the Hurst QB question and a girl just gave me a Kaplan CD. So again Thank you for the encouraging words.

i had 2 NCLEX style study books.....i would start with the sections i wasnt comfortable with....i would do atleast 75 questions a day PLUS look of the reasoning and the rationale behind ecah question i got wrong or wasnt comfortable with.....i also had a CD of nclex quetions....i graduated from my program in june and took the boards beginng august..passed with 85 questions....

know you ABCs and study choose all that apply and what would you do first....they love them!! at least thats what i heard from my class mates....that was 3 yrs ago....

good luck and dont stress....

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Unfortunately I can offer you no advice about study habits because I have the worse habits in the world (NONE).

But I did just take my test on the 11th and passed so, the best advice I can give you is try and relax. You know the material; you know how to answer the questions now just put it to work.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear a positive result soon.

Thank you Mongolian and lurchgriffith I will take it when I feel ready and have to get over test anxiety. Lol

i am sorry to hear that you did not pass your exams. however, i am proud of you for not giving up. it is not easy passing this exam and it really requires a lot of hard work.

although i passed on my first take... the fear of getting thru this exam while you study non stop is something that is really overwhelming. i studied very long and verrry hard to pass. in addition, it is really important to know how to use the strategies in answering questions. kaplan and saunders can provide that information.

i would like to share with you what i did to pass nclex. maybe you will find something that will work for you.

lately i have been reading up on laws of attraction... and it says you attract what you fear. that means when you keep thinking you will fail ... most likely you will fail... but if you think that you will pass this will bring a positive energy that will fuel your desire to pass your exam. maybe if you change your perspective… you will be more motivated and inspired to push yourself to reach your goals.

i confess, fear was a big motivation for me.... but failure was not an option...

planning your strategy in passing the exam will really help you succeed.

there are many stories of triumph in this thread from those who have

failed and passed after trying again and again.

i take my hats off to them for inspiring others to keep going. maybe we can learn fro them as well.

i wish you all the best!!! i am sure with persistence you can do it too!:)

Thank you dumb for the advice I'm trying to think positive, the first & second time I took the exam I did think positive and I failed. Now I have to get over my fear and take it the last time. Easy said than done lol. Thank you for the link and encouraging words. I do take inconsideration all the tips.

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