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  1. Hi! I need help! I am planning to do my bridging in Deakin Uni Melb. I will be leaving by end of this month for Oz. I am still searching for accommodations. Any suggestions? Would greatly appreciate any help. :) Cheers!
  2. Try Elsevier Saunders NCLEX-RN exam-lite mobile qs. :)
  3. dumb

    Cant foucus any more

    Hope this helps :)https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/i-m-dumb-486623-page6.html
  4. dumb

    I'm Dumb and I Passed NCLEX!!!!

    I'm sorry to hear that you did not pass the exam. However, I'm happy to see that you have not given up! Keep up a good fight and you will soon reach your goals! Try answering questions everyday at least 100 questions. In my case I think I did 8,000 questions all in all .....for all those months that I was reviewing for NCLEX. It will help you build your confidence and give you the momentum to keep doing better.Maybe this can inspire you too... https://allnurses.com/praise-god-i-pass-nclex-rn-t362909/ You are not alone. Many have fought the same battles as you have and emerged victorious. It takes a lot of hard work. You just need to have some faith in God and in yourself that you will do everything that you can to reach for what you desire! I wish you all the best on your next take! Every second counts!!! Focus on your goals, on what you want to achieve. Learn from your mistakes from the past .....but you have to keep MOVING FORWARD! If you think you have hit rock bottom... Then there's no other way but UP!!!! All the best!
  5. dumb

    Dumb question....but help please?

    This is a dumb answer.... But dun stress and over analyze em questions....:)
  6. dumb

    wants to give up

    maybe this will inspire you:D https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/praise-god-i-521657.html
  7. dumb

    O M G! I DID IT!!!!

    Congratulations!!! well done!
  8. :yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap: great post!
  9. try this https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/i-m-dumb-486623.html
  10. ceridwyn :eek::nuke::nuke:ceridwenrn
  11. You can try UP PGH. The results will take 3-5 days. Im not sure how much. Just try to call them if they still do the MRSA swab test. I just got this information from another forum that i frequently visit. All the best!
  12. In support of the post of Sheila and general jinjur,if you own an iPod or iPhone, there are flashcard apps you can use. You simply have to download it for free:) and I'm not sure if they have saunder's q&a for PN.. That's like reviewing on the go.... :) but this one is quite costly...but hopefully worth it:) good luck!
  13. Test taking is a skill. It will definitely confuse, distract, and trick you in choosing the wrong answers. With constant practice you build confidence in your abilities and knowledge. When you pick the wrong answers then you read the rationale you will have a better understanding of the subject. For me content is important. You have to know as much as you can... In the actual exams how would you choose the right answers if you don't know how to eliminate the wrong ones? Chances are they will all sound right to you... Which answer would you pick then given this scenario? It really starts that way... You get confused and you don't get many answers right... But the more questions you answer the better you become:) wish you all the best! :)
  14. Try nurse2nz forum :)
  15. dumb

    Lab Values and their meaning

    Try this? 🙂 https://allnurses.com/praise-god-i-pass-nclex-rn-t362909/