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I am a fairly new member here and value the advice of you wise folks here. I have a slight problem and would love some input.

As I have previously posted around here, I am a new grad(last May) with 15 years hosp. experience as a CNA, phlebot., unit secretary, and went to school full time while in school. I have worked on every unit as well as the ususal clinical experience. The problem is this:

I am recovering from a car wreck that happened 2 weeks after grad. and although both legs were broken, a knee, ankle, and arm I am recovering pretty well. I spent some months in rehab. hosp. and we(husband and I) are still in outpatient P.T. My LE strength isn't up to par. I am able to walk even shuffle quickly as opposed to running!;-D I just had surgery to re-rod a non-union humerus fracture. I passed my boards Feb.14th and got my license March 5th. I know work is out at least until July or August but my question is this:

Is there any aspect of nursing "you" think would be appropriate at that time since I am sure physically I will still be somewhat limited? I worked so hard for this and I don't want to throw it all away because some careless kid rear ended us on I-10. I also don't want to stay out of the game any longer than I have to if I have options. I am sure by the grace of God and by the end of this year I will be 100% again.I honestly respect the input here due to the variety of nursing specialties here. I am not new to the realm of nursing but it is from the perspective of a CNA. Thanks in advance for the 411.

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How about home healthcare or hospice?


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There is always some place - apply to your local hospitals anyway tell them your story and they might have an opening for you. You never know it could be somehitng like assiting with a research project or asssiting the QA personnel on some project. You don't know and what is the worst that can happen? - they say they have nothing for you.

passing thru

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I wish I had a useful suggestion for you, but I don't.

I started a thread a couple weeks ago hoping to get similar info, re: which units are "less difficult"? actually wrote "easiest" as in easier than some others and was FLAMED UNMERCIFULLY.

Your situation and what happened to you is heartbreaking. I offer you my sympathy. And admire your wrote, ""I have a slight problem.""

From someone who suffered a very minor hairline fracture ...and in a small bone at that, and was incapacitated in a long leg cast for 6 months and in physical therapy for 3 months,......I can't begin to fathom what you have been and are going through.

I do know that a year will make a huge difference in your ability to "move", and your strength and endurance.

A friend of mine suffered several fractures from an auto accident, her rehab hospital assisted her in obtaining employment. She was not a nurse though. She got a job in a large teaching institution at a good salary doing secretarial type work.

I wish I could be of some assistance.

You sound like a real winner LaVorne. Good luck to you. You deserve it.


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how about getting a job at a physician's office or clinic.

i do wish you and your husband continued improvement and let us know what job you finally get.

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Have you thought of telephone triage. No work demanding being on your feet at all, but it would demand being able to type and work the computer. Since you are on this bb, I presume that isn't a problem. The computer is set up with algorhythms that will direct you to the correct outcomes, and that will take you to the proper care. Think about it.


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Thank you all for the tips-it has been very insightful so far. There are some things I had not thought of like hospice and triage nsg. I appreciate the well wishes and input. Hey "passing thru", I saw that thread & you did receive quite the tongue lashing. I think your choice of words was misconstrued especially since here you state your intention. I personally understood your question and didn't think you intended any malice. I am glad you are still around. I appreciate your empathy-broken bones suck the big one! But hey-it's all good. They also heal-eventually.

My husband has been back to work since Aug. and is still active duty in the Air Force-he's on a desk job though and can't go overseas yet(kills him he can't go to the desert and do his part). I just couldn't think of what a new grad could do in that capacity. Now I do. So thank you, thank you, thank you all. Always open for more suggestions and I will look into the ones made and let ya'll know! SMOOCHES!!!!!


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You could do patient teaching. You could also do community based classes like child development, parenting, wellness education etc. You could use your own experience with your hospitilazition and disability as a basis for your teaching. You could write. Maybe a column for a news paper. How about a spot on a news program as a health educator.

You could speak at wellness fairs. Do immunizuations for various organizations. Do medical transcription. You could do public speaking that is aimed at inspriing others and showing them how to overcome adversity. Work for an organization that serves the disabled.

Community mental health nurse.


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Maybe you check into taking a phlebotomy course, drawing blood is generally not physically demanding. There maybe job opportunities at hospitals, Dr.s offices or blood banks.


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Case management?


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It might help to speak to a vocational rehab specialist. If your physical ability is currently limited, they may have some ideas of how to get hired without your limitations becoming a deterrent for employers.

For more suggestions on career alternatives check Cardillo & associates


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YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE! I have referred this website to friends who graduated with me as well as some who have been out a few years and some in school now. The advice you have extended to me is very valuable in my situation and I can't thank you enough. I wish I knew about you guys when I was a student!!!! But that's okay, I'm spreading the love!!!!Passing it on!!!! Thanks again. I'm listing all these options and will get cracking!

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