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Hello, my name is Linda. I am 36 years old, married, and have 1 son. I'm a LPN student and it's so nice to find a site that is just for those involved in nursing. I am in my 2nd week of school and have already had a quiz and test, things are going so fast. I barely passed my first test, (by 2 points) and I'm already unsure of myself as if I can do this. I cried in class in front of everyone after getting my test results and feel like everyone thinks lower of me now. I'm a great english student but the "best" answer for the nursing questions have me dumbfounded, I obviously am confused as to getting in the mindset of the "best" answer. If anyone can offer advice I would be so appreciative. God Bless you all!



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hi rugloveslina: welcome to the boards:) the best advice i can give you is to keep taking baby steps until you are able to walk and then eventually run. as a former nursing student like many others here i can tell you we once all felt the way you do this day. we all kept taking baby step until we became nurses..deep down with in yourself find that extra push, adventure and goal that is going to help you on the stormy days. best of wishes to you and if you need to vent hey come here we have got your back girl:coollook:


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Congratulations on starting school. Do you have a study group or study partner? I have found it to be helpful to find someone that I can study well with. Also, last semester I found practice questions either from the authors of the text (check out the associated websites for your text) or the NCLEX review books to be helpful to get used to the types of questions that are on the tests. Good luck.


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Congrats!!! I can agree with the other nurses here, many of us know exactly how you feel. However, I recommend that you purchase Kaplan. I found it to be so helpful in determining whether to assess or implement first. That is the key! And once you can either eliminate what you don't need first, the answer will appear. The Kaplan books generally run about $25~$30 at stores like Borders. Hope this helps.


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Hi Linda!

Don't feel bad about your first test score-what an accomplishment to pass it! Getting the hand of nursing tests is pretty difficult-so now you know the format so take things from there!

You're going to make it! Take care! :)


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Hey...I just wanted you to know that "I feel your pain!!" I started nursing school last week and had my first test today. I got a C, but I've had straight A's all through school, so it was tough to swallow. I think it just takes a little time to get used to the question format, and figuring out what is the right amount & best way of studying for you. I know I'm going to make some adjustments this week and will hopefully do better on my test next week! I made a ton of flashcards to study and that helped me a lot...I could take them anywhere & study whenever I had a few minutes. Oh, and while I didn't cry in front of my classmates, I did cry on my hubby when I got home from class this afternoon...you aren't the only one!! Hang in there, and let us know how you do next time!


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I know how you feel. We have our first test tomarrow. I have no idea what the test will be like. I am suppose to be studying right now, but I have been looking over the reading and lecture notes everyday since class started and I can't think straight right now. My school offers a nursing support class with nursing students from different semsters. One girl who is in her second semster said she used to get straight A's as well. However in her 1st nursing semster she got 4 Fs and still managed to go on to the second semster. At least you passed the first test. For me the 1st ones are always the hardest. :p Just remember what the question is really asking and which answer is best...


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i'm right there with you...we've been in class for a week and yesterday alone we had 3 quizzes...2 of them were in a class that we hadn't even had yet...yesterday was the first one. I was looking at my schedule and it looks like i have a test or quiz every day..and most of the time more than one. It's very overwhelming and stressful but we can make it!Good luck!

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Hi Linda,

I've been out of school for 20 years - took Nutrition on-line over the Summer and was determined to do well and studied my behind off. I mentioned in another post that I found the CD the book came with incredibly helpful for doing pre-tests, flash-cards, etc. I received a grade of "102" for worksheets, quizzes, tests, etc. before I took the Final.

I memorized all the technical terminology, every food-borne illness, causes, symptoms, everything about proteins, fats, carbs, etc. (totally over-studied). The day of the exam I felt like I just couldn't cram another thing into my head. I was totally shocked when I saw the exam - I don't remember any "technical medical term" being used at all - in fact, it was absolutely nothing like I thought it would be and felt like I had prepared for the "wrong test"...

The test questions were dealing with all "what if's" - what if your patient is diabetic (which would be "the very best" diet) - multiple choice. I kept thinking "HEY, ask me a technical term - I memorized this stuff"... :uhoh3:

Anyways, I got a 90 on the final and ended up with an "A" for the Course - but was so confused about how different the exam was worded - compared to the way the book was laid out.

First day of class this Monday the Instructors explained to all of us that Nursing Tests were completely different from tests you take for a science course (which is very cut and dry - only 1 correct answer). They said most Nursing Tests have 2 possible right answers but only (1) answer that is the "best". While taking the tests we have to (learn) to put ourself in the position of the Nurse and decide which would be the very best answer. Judging by the Nutrition Exam - if you know enough about the subject matter, they were more common sense questions than anything.

Sorry for rambling, I'm very stressed out about all of this and just starting to understand how all this works and what they'll be expecting from us on tests. Like I said, I think it has a lot to do with common sense (what would be the "best" thing to do first) while treating a patient. Although we are just students right now - they have x-amount of time to teach us to think like a "Nurse" and question us on things we'll ultimately be faced with in the real world and how we'll deal with them when the time comes. Hope that makes sense....

I'm married with 3 Sons and like most of you - totally overwhelmed right now with all the material that's already been thrown at us and how I'm going to get organized and juggle everything. I hear it's "do-able", so I'm just going to take this one day at a time and do my best (that's all we can do right?).

Hopefully we can all hang in there and get through this. I don't have class tomorrow so tonight I'm trying to de-stress and then spend tomorrow studying in peace while the kids are at school... Take Care & God Bless, Susan


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Congratulations on the "a", despite your stress! Well done! You may find that it takes a test or two before you get the hang of the exams, what they want, etc. But from the sound of it, you are already a great one for memory work and studying, so hopefully, that will hold you in good stead. The one thing you have to remember is not to lose YOU amid all the hustle, bustle and stress. Its so easy to be hard on yourself, trying to run a home, a family, and do well in school. I make it a point every night to be nice to ME. I put the school books away, make some (herbal) tea and cinammon toast, and curl up with a novel or magazine for half an hour. That's MY time to de-stress. Sort of like a reward for good behaviour! I have even gone so far as the proverbial bubble bath and glass of wine. Whatever works! Good luck!

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Hang in there Linda, it's a tough program full of lots of emotional ups and downs. It doesn't matter if your classmates think lesser of you, but more than likely that's all in your head because you're feeling so bad about yourself. Pickup yourself up, dust yourself off, and take it one day at a time. You'll do great. Don't let the first quiz get you down. :)

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Hey Linda~

You aren't the first to cry in nursing classes and I can guarantee, you won't be the last.

I remember a girl we had who cried like a baby when she failed her first two tests in MedSurg. Know what? She came back after getting some study tips from a couple of the instructors to start getting the best grades and passed with flying colors!

Honey, it can be done, and there's gonna be a lot of tears...people don't think less of you because of it, believe me.

Hang in there Kiddo...it'll come. ;)

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