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2nd time applying to hospital, do I have a chance?



So I've posted a few times about my work environment and how I strongly dislike being at the ALF I work in. Anyway, I have already applied at 2 nursing homes but neither were hiring so I know I wont get a callback, HOWEVER a local hospital recently accepted applications for new CNA position and obviously I applied! I applied about a year ago and made it to the interview but didn't get the job. So its been almost 2 weeks since I turned in my application, and I know at this hospital the whole process takes a pretty long time but I'm just curious if the hiring manager and all the others who interviewed me, see me there a second time (if I get the interview) if I it increases my chances of getting the position this time around?

I would really love to be hired at this hospital because I volunteer there so I am very familiar with the hospital and would much rather work at a hospital than a nursing home anyway, plus I need something soon because my current job is not healthy for me to be in as it causes a lot of anxiety and have poor management....

Anyone have any advice on how to stand out, or increase my chances of getting in?

Be persistent!

I applied to my former hospital over 10+ times before I was given a job! (it was in a small town with highly competitive positions).

After my 3rd interview I was given a job. I scanned their job website everyday for months on end. I am so grateful it worked out, the hospital sucked me into the nursing world and I'm never going back.

The things I emphasized in my interview were:


Full 24/7 availability for any shift, any time

Calm demeanor in emergent situations

You'll get in if you persevere.

Good luck!

I also just got a call back a few days ago about a CNA position at a hospital. I had been applying there for YEARS, several times a year, and they finally have given me a shot. I actually got extremely lucky, because all 3 of the main hospitals in my area (Louisville, Ky) have called me back for interviews. I have no idea how that happened, but I am very thankful. I would just say don't give up. I never did. Obviously they like something about you that they keep calling you back!!!!

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I would say that your chances of getting employed depend completly on the other applicants that have applied.

If someone else has long term care experience, and they consider that valuable then that other person may push ahead of you....but it all depends on what it is that they are looking for....and I would ask at the interview!!! "What is it that you are looking for in a CNA?" and see if you can fit yourself into that.

I would point out that you know that being a CNA requires being dependable, as the patients/coworkers depend on my being there. That you learn quickly and have a desire to learn and grow. (I would hope you have these 2 qualities because it will make you valuable in any situation.

You may have to apply many times, but don't give up.

As far as getting into a nursing home, even tho they are not currently hiring, apply anyway if they allow you to. Nursing homes usually have a high turn over rate. The one I work for is the highest paying nursing facility in the state. You'd think the turn over rate would be minimal, but we almost always have at least one part time position open!

Nursing home experience + your volunteer experience in the hospital will make you more eligible for a hospital position.

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I am so determined to work at kaiser hospital and I have been applying off and on for YEARS. My current job of five years psychiatric experience have poor management and lack of respect for the nurses. I really want to be treated properly and find a hospital job that honor valuable nurses. I also am desperate to find a way to improve my chances to work at kaiser. Any advice will be helpful


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I applied at the hospital 5 times before I got hired. They like seeing perseverance! I also followed up after my interview a week later to see if there was anything I could do or any questions I could answer...or if she had any other positions open that would fit my schedule. The next day I got hired. :)

Like everyone said, persistence is key! I applied to a hospital here in CT 4 times before getting an interview. I didn't get the position but applied again for another open spot. I skipped the interview...I have a new position at a rehab center and their hours would conflict with me going to school. JUST keep doing it! GOOD LUCK! :)