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  1. Hi beautiful nurses! I just wanted to come on here to vent a little and also would like some encouragement and motivation as I feel I'm running out of that. My story is super long, so I'll try to shorten it (I've written about parts of my struggles here before). First, I got into nursing school for LVN/LPN in 2015 and graduated in 2016. When I graduated, I was ready and excited to start my nursing career and was ready to take the NCLEX. However, I waited a long time to get authorized to test, because I guess they lost my file or some other thing happen (I'm also in Cali). Anyway, I ended up being able to test until June 2017, at this point I was working as a CNA at a SNF while I was waiting to test. Ok, so I passed my NCLEX, first try in 2017 and was looking for a nursing job. Honestly, I've always been afraid to work in SNF because of the heavy responsibility and honestly at this point of having graduated a year ago, I felt like I wasn't smart enough. They had offered me a job there at SNF as an LVN but I had to think about it, since I felt I wasn't smart enough. Fast forward, in mid 2018 I briefly worked as an LVN in a school doing one on one with a little kid. I was there for about a month an a half, didn't really do much besides watching the kid. Then I get a call from a clinic I had applied to when I was working in SNF, to come in for an interview, and I decided to take that job and leave the school job. So I worked at this clinic for 9 months. And this is what happened: I got fired the day after posting, in 2019. Been without a job since. Basically, since I graduated Nursing school in 2016, I feel like I haven't had a proper nursing job. I waited a whole year just to take the NCLEX, because Cali... So now I feel like I need to go to nursing school again, just to regain all the knowledge. I know of people who went to nursing school after me, and are now nurses, and I just look at myself and think it's been 4 years this year since I graduated. Haven't worked as a nurse (in terms of doing nursing skills I learned in school). I'm starting to doubt myself and think I shouldn't even be a nurse because I'm not smart, I'm not very ambitious at this point because it's been so long and I just feel like I'm never going to get there. I don't have any friends, and I don't have any family members that can give advice or motive me. I'm just on my own and it is a lot easier to get discouraged. I've been unemployed for 6 months now and I've been looking for jobs but they are all agency, so I'm not sure how that works or if that would be good, I also saw one for home health but since I haven't been on my own, I feel like I should work with other nurses and not just start off on my own. I am now 30 years old, jobless, and afraid to be a nurse (I feel dumb, and like the responsibility will be too much for me). I am so disappointed in myself. I had this dream of being a nurse and it just doesn't seem like it'll happen. I should be working right now, move out, have some money saved up, start my own family, but my life hasn't turned out how I pictured it. I need some serious motivation, and a hard push to just do things and not be afraid, but like I said, I don't have anyone, so it's easy for me to just feel like giving up. Well, I guess I still ended up making this post long. Sorry. Any advice? Sometimes it helps to hear I am not the only one that has felt like this, and people went through the same thing and now are successful nurses. At least I hope that can happen. Help!!
  2. PrettyNerd

    Advice on how to handle a situation at work.

    Thanks everyone that replied. Sadly, I was fired the morning after writing this post. It was ugly, heartbreaking, and difficult to process it. I've never been fired before and always had positive feedback from previous employers. It sucks how they made up things about me/made me look a certain way that was against my work ethic.
  3. Hi all nurses! I wanted to come on here to get some advice. I'm an lpn working at a specialty clinic, first job since I graduated nursing school. I've been working here for almost a year. About a month or so ago I got written up for "not improving", not finishing my work, and for making mistakes that apparently some physicians complained about. This really came out of no where and caught me off guard. I have been working hard and trying to learn a lot since it is a specialty and not something we go into detail in nursing school. So I've been taking notes and asking questions when I need help, so I was confused when my manager brought this up. About a week later, one of the physicians pulls me aside and tells me that management is working on letting me go. This started making sense in my head because prior to the write up, they took away a lot of my duties. Then when I asked about which mistakes I was making, when I got written up, they were not able to answer my question. I must also add there is another lpn working there who is very insecure and likes to speak badly about other people to physicians/manager, she likes to twist things that are not true. Management takes her word on whatever she says, without asking me first. She sees I need help, instead of helping, she goes and runs her mouth and makes me look bad. Basically, they gave me a write up so it is easier to fire me. So I have 2 questions. Is there anywhere i can go or call regarding this matter? I've called a few places but cant do anything unless it is discrimination or retaliation. Second, is it best for me to just quit before I get fired? Hearing all the things they told me really hurt me, as I've always gotten positive feedback from other employers. It would honestly hurt me to hear that I'm getting fired.
  4. PrettyNerd

    Can I get Hep C?

    Hi everyone, a little bit of a hypochondriac here. At work I noticed I had blood on my wrist from a Hep C positive patient. I was wearing gloves but I guess it still ended on my sleeve and skin. I washed it off as soon as I noticed it, however, I didn't notice it right away (AND I didn't know the resident had Hep C at that time until later when I asked if he had anything). I know I'm a little paranoid but can that be transmitted to me?
  5. PrettyNerd

    Interested in Fitness nursing?

    Hi all nurses! So I recently (and by recently, I mean yesterday) I discovered this thing called fitness nursing?? Whaaatt?? I didn't even know there was such thing!! Let me tell you guys, I have always loved working out and actually my plan B if nursing didn't work out, was to become a personal trainer. I have been working out for about 12 years, and I have a true passion for fitness. I always find myself educating people on why they should exercise and how it's not just about losing weight, blah blah blah. Anyway, is there anyone here in this field? Any PT nurses? How did you get started, like where did you get your PT certification? What do you do? Thanks!
  6. PrettyNerd

    What would you be in another life?

    I would be a personal fitness trainer/own a business.
  7. PrettyNerd

    What would you be in another life?

    Wow! Please make that happen, that sounds amazing! I can see it as an assisted living.
  8. Hi all! So I just accepted an lpn position at the SNF where I work as a CNA. I will be doing general orientation this week and training with nurses next week. I would like to ask some questions during training but I'm sure I'll forget since I'll be taking in a lot of information at the time, so what are some good questions to ask? what things should I need to know? This is my first job as an lpn since I graduated nursing school 2 years ago, so I feel kinda rusty and information is not fresh in my brain anymore 😢 can you guys give me some advice and/or tips please! I'm excited but nervous because I feel i forgot everything. Everything will be ok, right?
  9. PrettyNerd

    Do you like working in clinic/office?

    As a nurse, do you like/enjoy working in a clinic/office setting better than nursing homes/bed side nursing? What type of clinic or setting do you work? How is it different than working SNF?
  10. Hi everyone! So if anyone has read any of my previous posts, then you know how much I was complaining about my situation. YES! I'll admit, I was complaining a lot, and I think a lot of it comes from a place of uncertainty in terms of feeling like I am not smart enough, or not having enough confidence in myself, so I felt like I was being extremely picky. Maybe I still am. To summarize everything. I graduated in 2016, passed my NCLEX in 2017. I started working as a CNA before even taking the NCLEX, just to have a job while I waited to test. During this time, since it had been over a year that I graduated, I felt scared to be a nurse, I felt like it had been so long that I had hands on nursing experience and I had a lot of self doubt and sometimes I didn't feel smart enough. Working at a SNF, I saw how much responsibility nurses had and I wasn't sure if I could do that, so I tried staying away from SNFs which is why I could never find a job, most LVNs work in SNFs (in my area). I finally got the courage to just DO IT, and I applied to another SNF which I got a call back and had an interview! YAY! I had an interview before at a small clinic but that one didn't work out but this one just seemed more real! Anyway, just by looking at the place it makes me excited to work there. It looks clean and more modern, it doesn't look old or like its falling apart, it seems well put together and it's a pretty big place with different units like LTC and acute care. I know I don't know the people whom I'll be working with so I can't say if I'll like working there but just by its appearance, I'm excited to work there. Anyway, just wanted to write this because I have to say, I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and just do what seems (to me) scary. I know it took almost a year and that's too long of a time to wait. I just want to be a nurse! I do have some questions though: I'll have to take care of 20-28 patients, is that a lot? Is that the average? It seems like a lot, will I be able to do care safely with so many people to take care of? Seems like I'll only have a couple of days of training. Will I be ok? Advice? (For those that were CNA's before nurses): Since I've been a CNA, how do you transition from being a CNA to being a nurse? How do you become more assertive and delegate to your CNAs, I'm that quiet/shy person. I don't know if I'll get the job but IF I do...can you guys give me some advice on having a first job as an LPN working in LTC. What should I expect? How should I prioritize my care/time. How do I avoid making mistakes? Calling MDs, do you like where you work/what you do? Just any tips/advice is appreciated! Thank you!
  11. Idk if I'm doing something wrong. Got my license for LVN mid last year. I don't want to be in nursing home for many reasons. I called like 20 different places in my area, mostly clinics, none employ Lvns. Only place that employs lvns are NHs which I really don't want. I didn't go to nursing school to only have 1 option. This is a turn off, sometimes I regret going to nursing school because I CAN'T FIND A JOB AS AN LVN! I feel I learned a lot of different about different topics in nursing, so why do I only have 1 option. I hate this, this situation has made me feel extremely depressed. Why did I even go to school? I never imagined I'd be in this situation. Freaken sucks! My life/career/education is just going to waste!
  12. PrettyNerd

    LPN/LVN job options. (Current job is making me sick)

    Aaaw thank you so much for your kind words, encouragement, and understanding. I felt a little dissapointed today when the DON at work basically told me that my only option was LTC. When I asked if that was my only option, she said no but in a way she kinda said yes. She has been asking me to work there at the SNF as a nurse but I honestly don't want to, but shes been asking me a lot to just stay there. Yes, as of lately, I've been thinking a lot about school nursing. I just don't know what exactly it entails and if it's my first job, I'll be there by myself. Thank you for your reply. It made me feel better :)
  13. PrettyNerd

    LPN/LVN job options. (Current job is making me sick)

    I apologize for the repetitive posts, trust me, I hate repeating myself but I did it because I felt like I wasn't getting responses, or people weren't answering my question. Sorry. But thanks for the reply/advice :)
  14. Hi all nurses. I need advice/options on job opportunities I can take as an LVN. Here is my situation. I am working as a CNA in a SNF but I got my LVN license so I am looking for a LVN position now. Before working here at the SNF I was working at an ALF, I never felt sick there (I worked there for 2 years). The work there was slow paced and not stressful at all. I thought I needed a challenge but boy was I wrong. I have learned a few things about myself since working in SNF. I've been here in SNF for about 9 months and ever since I started, I wake up most days feeling sick, like nauseated, nervous, anxiety. It is really REALLY fast paced and really REALLY stressful. I'm STILL the last one to be done (even the new CNAs are faster than I am), I have been scolded on multiple occasions because I get so behind and forget to do vitals, most if not all of the residents require total care, they have dementia and a lot of them hit, kick, pinch, bite.... I feel like this is not the environment I want to be in because it doesn't match my personality/the way I work. I am an INTJ type personality. I am a slow, calm, relaxed individual that likes order, I am methodical and like routine (mostly) which is the opposite of this job. I feel sad and disappointed because I am feeling discouraged that my only option as an LVN is SNF. I would like a setting where I am not rushing the whole shift to get things done, somewhere where I can take my time with tasks, not so stressful, and not getting attacked my residents. I would really like teaching (can LVNs do that? like in diabetes?) not a class, but more like small groups, or one on one? I am interested in cardiology, also school nurse sounds nice, but is that good for a first job? What other places can I look at. What are some non-traditional areas for LVNs? PLEASE give me some more options so I can go/call by the end of the week! *Today was one of those days where I felt sick to my stomach I wasn't even able to eat my lunch:barf02:
  15. Thank you for your reply, I really need that push. It's basically just me and my demon thoughts in my head. I really don't have any friends nor did I keep in contact with my nursing classmates which really sucks because I could really need someone to talk to that can relate to new nurse anxieties. I think about it everyday and I really just want to go out there and try, I'm really shy and interverted so I feel like it's a lot harder for me
  16. I agree with you though! That's what I keep telling myself to give me that push. I just really need need to grow some OOs