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  1. littlemissbambi

    What do I have to do to get a CNA job!!!?

    I hate to say this, but I honestly think it all comes down to luck. Like you I had been trying to get a job at any of the hospitals (Im in Louisville) BUT, I have no CNA experience yet. Well.... I got lucky. I had both Baptist and Nortons call me aro...
  2. littlemissbambi

    Anyone taken CNA classes from Baptist or work there?

    Over 90 people have seen this... Can someone please reply....
  3. I just got a call a few days ago about an interview for Baptist East's CNA classes starting September 27, 2014. I am very excited because I have been trying to get my foot into the door for SO long, and I have been extremely lucky these past few week...
  4. littlemissbambi

    2nd time applying to hospital, do I have a chance?

    I also just got a call back a few days ago about a CNA position at a hospital. I had been applying there for YEARS, several times a year, and they finally have given me a shot. I actually got extremely lucky, because all 3 of the main hospitals in my...
  5. I just got a phone call a couple of days ago from HR at Baptist. I had been applying there like crazy, and they finally called me back about their CNA classes. They told me that after I took the classes with them and passed my test, I would then have...