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NCSBN Nursing Ad


I have just seen a new ad on TV by the NCSBN that encourages the public to check on the licenses of nurses, stating that they insure that qualified people become licensed. I think that nursing does not need any nursing body to prod the public to complain about nurses. Most people are quite capable of finding out how to do that themselves when the need arises.

Here's a link:

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I have seen this ad on too. It has been airing in AZ on expensive air time, like

the CBS evening news. That is prime advertising time. Where is the money coming

from for this advertising - I hope not by our license renewal fees! :mad:

Wow! That's like opening up the flood gates. I wonder what they were thinking?


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Oh gee! What will they think of next?

I'm not sure I understand what the big complaint is about, aside from the fact there's no dudes in the commercial.


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I don't think it's an issue really....people can always check nursing licenses with the state anyway.

I must say though--I really liked some the of the scrubs they were wearing....we wear mandated navy blue and white with the hospital logo on it....kinda boring....:nurse:


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ncsbn is charged with educating the public about role of bon

the role of boards of nursing

watch on vimeo | watch on youtube

special thanks to the professional nursing staff and administration of rush university medical center for the use of their facilities and the participation of their personnel in the filming of this commercial.

ncsbn, in conjunction with cbs community partnership division, has produced this 30-second television spot that is currently airing in new york, los angeles, chicago, philadelphia, dallas-fort worth, miami-fort lauderdale, atlanta, boston, phoenix and seattle on cbs owned and affiliated stations.

watch for these spots to air within each market during the following shows:

  • “the early show”
  • cbs 2 news
  • “young & restless” ght
  • “dr. phil”
  • cbs local early news
  • “entertainment tonight"
  • late night news

about boards of nursing

boards of nursing are state/territorial government agencies that are responsible for the regulation of nursing practice. responsibilities of a board of nursing vary, but generally include:

  • enforcing the nurse practice act and nurse licensure;
  • accrediting or approving nurse education programs in schools and universities;
  • developing practice standards;
  • developing policies, administrative rules and regulations; and
  • taking action against the licenses of those nurses who have exhibited unsafe nursing practice.

contact your board of nursing.

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Years ago when Texas decided to do background checks and fingerprint all nurses they found 3 who were felons, and one was a murderer. I am not opposed to ensuring we have quality people in a job where the customer is so vulnerable.

I am not a felon or a murderer and do not need some official body making the subtle hint to anyone.