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  1. Hotnurse06

    IV Training

    Does anyone know where one could take an IV training/certification course? Thank you,
  2. Hotnurse06

    Does this sound crazy?

    Once OSHA is notified, they have to also notify the facility to give them a chance to correct the problem. I'm concerned that they will trick OSHA into thinking the problem has been corrected. I'm not sure what kind of "proof" the facility will be required to submit.
  3. Hotnurse06

    Anyone left nursing TOTALLY...what are you doing now?

    An LPN can absolutely teach CNA courses. My friend teaches and she's an LPN.
  4. Prove her wrong! Don't allow her or anyone else, for that matter, word curse you! What a horrible thing to say to someone.
  5. Hotnurse06

    Does this sound crazy?

    I agree. Why go through the trouble of posting the sign on the door for everyone to see, only to be told we can't have gowns?
  6. Hotnurse06

    Does this sound crazy?

    I, personally, would like them to be caught in the act. This is ridiculous.
  7. Hotnurse06

    Does this sound crazy?

    That's what I thought too! Can you imagine someone saying, "you don't need gloves. You'll only need them if you think you'll get Hepatitis". I'm really speechless over this one.
  8. Hotnurse06

    Does this sound crazy?

    One of our patients was recently diagnosed with VRE. There is a sign on the door that says Contact Precautions, you must wear a gown and gloves upon entering, blah, blah, blah. Well, the CNA went in to the patient's room to provide care and noticed there were no gowns. So, the nurse manager was told because she's been keeping the gowns locked up where no one has access to them. Her response back was "do you think you'll get urine on yourself? Other than that, you don't need it". I know that if someone is diagnosed with something that requires PPE, it has to be made available to the employees. Obviously, they are trying extremely hard to penny-pinch. But, at the expense of the employees? It's just horrible!
  9. Hotnurse06

    I'm an official neonatal nurse!!!

    What a blessing! Congratulations!
  10. Hotnurse06

    I have an odd question....

    Lol...I'm too young to be going through the change! Lol
  11. Hotnurse06

    I have an odd question....

    I just had an interview last week. I'm praying to hear some good news by Wednesday. I think in this situation, you just can't win.
  12. Hotnurse06

    I have an odd question....

    I have an odd question. Does anyone ever feel like they have to "dumb down" for their boss? Meaning, you can't really show how intelligent you are because your boss gets offended if they feel that you know more than them with certain issues. My nurse manager is extremely emotional. Matter-of-fact, she's so emotional that if she feels "upstaged" by you OR you come up with an idea that's not hers, she will get upset and cut your hours. We have actually lost several good nurses because of her. It drives me insane! I feel like I need an anti-anxiety med just to deal with her. I know that there will be problems anywhere you go, but this is ridiculous.
  13. Hotnurse06

    My CPNE Journal~St Mary's 11/4/2011

    Thank you for posting your journal. It gives the rest of us encouragement. Congratulations!
  14. Hotnurse06

    LS2 a difficult exam but I passed....

  15. Hotnurse06

    Passed CPNE in Mansfield :) :)

  16. Hotnurse06

    FINALLY!! Passed LS3!!!!!


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