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Oncology; med/surg; geriatric; OB; CM
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TheOldestNurseOnUnit has 25 years experience and specializes in Oncology; med/surg; geriatric; OB; CM.

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  1. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    Crap! Am I a crusty old bat nurse?? Carrying pens...

    Well at age 60, I AM a crusty ol' bat who has a multitude of pens on her at all times! I have a red one for when I am in charge when I get report; I have many black ones with various levels of ink (never fails-at least 1 runs out of ink during a shift); my black dry erase marker for the white boards; my red dry erase for the white boards (we use different colors for different things); a sharpie to mark what needs to be marked, a pencil AND a penlight! People know who to come to if their pen(s) crap out on them, but I will hunt you down to get it back! Same with the dry erase marker--just because I'm OCD and have 2, doesn't mean you can one permanently! And, truth be told, if there is a pen somewhere @ the beginning of my 12-hour shift that's still in the same place at the end of the shift, I assume it has been abandoned and needs a new home....my pocket!
  2. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    Am I Too Old For This?

    Hello everyone, I have been an RN for 23 years...I was an LPN before that; before that Medical Assistant, EMT, nurses' aide and candy striper! I've been working in hospitals/clinics/physician offices since I was 15 (hence the candy striper). I'm 60 now; working nights on a busy oncology-med-surg floor. When I graduated with my RN, I had interviewed and accepted for a part-time ER position (.8 FTE). My husband at the time wasn't keen on me working in the ER at my hospital because of the instances of occasional violence he would read about in the paper (at the time, none against staff; more like gang activity; police activity and the like). So I didn't take that job to keep the peace. I am feeling somewhat stifled of late in my current position. Much of it seems rote; I frequently feel like I'm just putting in my time, which of course, makes me think "Oh God I have to work tonight" and that's not the attitude I want for me, my coworkers or my patients. There are positions at my hospital in the ER for nights. I'm very good in a crisis situation; I can think clearly; answer questions correctly and rapidly; I'm a very quick learner and I'm not afraid to ask questions. I'm often "the one" my coworkers come to when they're thinking of calling an RRT or to ask questions about calling the doctor, etc. I'm not perfect by any means. I can be b***** at times; I'm great with new grads, new nurses on the unit but I know I can be short when someone who has worked with me 6+ years asks the same.question.over.and.over. I'm very good with family members but also know when to put the kibosh on the partying/visiting in the room when the patient has had enough--do with love! What do you think? Honest answers please--I need a change to something more stimulating. Thank you.
  3. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    Independence Day Weekend....and I'm Working

    Now, before anyone blasts me, it's my weekend to work & I of course am going in. I'm just whining....missing a TON of parties; off Monday at least then back to the grind on Tuesday the 4th.....when of course my family is getting together. If it weren't for the "golden handcuffs" at work (at least I'm paid very well), I'd change jobs and go back to a Monday-Friday normal life (that I gave up because I missed working the floor--now you KNOW I'm nuts!) I'm bringing salads on Sunday night so we can kinda party hardy!! Someday, I hope to wake up and find out I'm rich....BWAHAHAHA!!! It'll have to be some long-lost relative who leaves me money, because I live in the state where both PowerBall and MegaMillions just pulled out! Oh well--off to sleep before work. Everyone have a safe, happy and fun 4th of July Weekend!!:laugh:
  4. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    What do you call the tracking device nurses sometimes wear?

    When my hospital got them (we use Versus), I suggested that it might be cheaper and quicker to just chip us in the neck.....but then we'd set off all kinds of alarms at airports, music venues, etc. I'm so used to it now....just one more thing to clip to my uniform.....
  5. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    So...What Kind of Nursing Task Do You LIKE?

    Lately my favorite nursing task is punching out at the end of the shift........BURNT OUT.
  6. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    I'm starting to feel like I'm done

    How funny you should post this...I was looking on my facility's website and there was a brand-new job posting for a Infomatics Nurse which I have done (in a smaller capacity) in the past so I applied for it!
  7. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    I'm starting to feel like I'm done

    I was on "staycation" last week...worked on the house; doctor/dental appointments. Haven't physically been on a vacation since 2004. Maybe I need a beach somewhere....oops...didn't mean to duplicate a response! Sorry about that!
  8. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    I'm starting to feel like I'm done

    I was off last week...a "staycation" which means I worked on the house.....I really might need to get away sometime soon.......like on a beach under an umbrella being served strawberry margaritas.....
  9. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    I'm starting to feel like I'm done

    Night shift; 7 very heavy, very needy and certifiably nutso patients; RNs who don't think anything about leaving their work unfinished (and then "forget" to tell me this in report); bed alarms; pump alarms; continuous pulse ox alarms; not having the necessary meds in the med room; cleaning up the med room from the last shift; cleaning up all the garbage in the nurses' alcoves from the previous 2 shifts; night after night after night after night.....crabby; tired; dreading going into work nearly every night.....new grandbaby at home with me; just tired tired tired and venting. My anal-retentive/OCD/do it right the first time for the love of God self is driving me crazy. Thinking that after all these years I'm not cut out for nursing anymore. Tired of the politics; the backstabbing; and lazy people and I'm starting to get mean.......feels like I'm losing my compassion and empathy and becoming more and more cynical.......venting venting VENTING! Thank you for this opportunity to put into writing what I can't verbally express to many people.......but like the title says, I really feel like I'm just about done........
  10. TheOldestNurseOnUnit


    H/L is heplock; PAC is most likely peripheral access catheter (think a PICC line); AC is antecubital; LFA is left forearm. In our place we use PVADs (peripheral venous access device) and a medport is an SVAP (subclavian vein access port). I had the darndest time not saying heplock for PVAD (because at one time anything you stuck in the patient yourself--not including a PICC or a port-was heparinized hence heplock) but now I only say PVAD. These abbreviations are enough to make you drink!! Then of course there are passports; powerports; trialysis caths; permacaths; art lines and a partridge in a pear tree!! Oh yeah--R SC Perm to me is a Right Subclavian Permacath.......oy....
  11. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    should I go 4 yr at my age

    I'm 55 going on 56 & I start back for my BSN next Tuesday! Never thought I would go back to school again but here I go! If you want it, go for it! Good Luck!
  12. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    What is the nurse-patient ratio where you work?

    Our med/surg/oncology floor used to be no more than 6:1 at night.....now we're 8:1 most nights with the option of going as high as 10:1 which scares the life outta me......oops...I forgot....suburban Chicago hospital....
  13. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    VENT about getting cancelled....

  14. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    VENT about getting cancelled....

    Are you flex/registry/per-diem--whatever they call it at your facility? At my facility it goes like this: anyone with overtime 1st--if you've got $$ by your name, you're the 1st cancelled; THEN flex (which is what we call our per-diem folk); then if you put your name in "the book" (we have a voluntary low census book where regular staff can sign up to be called off if need be) and if no OT/no flex/nobody in book it goes by who was cancelled last (either voluntarily or not). We've had low census this summer also but our patient ratio is in "flux" (read changing again!) so we're feeling that also. Unfortunately our flex folk have been cancelled quite a bit and it's horrible to have to call the same people over and over--day after day. On the other side of the coin, the regular people who would like to be called off once in awhile can't be because they're technically 3rd on the list so they get upset. We're starting to have the end of summer patient increase so hopefully less people will be called off. I feel for you and hope things improve. Good luck!!
  15. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    Do I need 2 stethoscopes?

    I have 2 stethoscopes.....1 is a cheaper version similar to a Littmann that I keep at home (along with a BP cuff) in case I need it for my folks who are older. Also, I have volunteered at various healthcare fairs and the like and this way I don't have to take my Littmann (that I use in the hospital) out of my locker at work and possibly forget it or lose it! It's bad enough when you lend it to a doc then have to chase them down the hallway to get it back :)! Never hurts to have 2......
  16. TheOldestNurseOnUnit

    Tele or MedSurg better for career to be in OR

    I agree with Deborah2012. I think all new grads should work at least 1 year med/surg or tele where you get both medical/telemetry & sometimes post-op surg experience and THEN go into a specialty area. Makes you much more marketable. I worked as a M/S RN and then got a job in OB (I had worked some OB years before as a nurse's aide). While I had to re-learn how to measure cervical effacement & dilation, what I actually taught some of the other RNs was how to handle the patient on an insulin pump from home or explain what certain meds were that a patient was taking. Going right into a specialty like OB or OR is exciting, but you may be missing out on some fantastic educational experiences one can only glean on a med-surg or tele floor. Just my little opinion. Good luck & God speed!!