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NCSBN learning extension


I'm not sure if I should enroll to their 5 week review.. You see, I failed twice already and. I can't afford to waste some more money on things that won't really help me. Please let me know if it helped you in passing the NCLEX, thanks!

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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Helped me, helped a percentage of my cohorts; one used the 5/week course exclusively and passed.

First, what aspects are you scoring below passing in? First review where your weaknesses are, then go from there.

I took 3 weeks but haven't had a chance to finished before its got expired:( the contest they have is good, the question is very tricky too:) I'm score on nclex all near the passing rate, kinda disappointed at my self, but 3 time is a charm! Good luck to u!

Thank you for the response guys! My weaknesses, to be specific, are Cardio esp ECG.. and Pharm.. So far, good feedbacks for NSCBN learning ext, anyone else?

iPink, BSN, RN

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I used NSCBN (15 week course) and passed. I didn't use the entire 15 weeks though and I also supplemented with Saunders. Also I want to note that I didn't score well with those practice tests but I did take the time to read through the explanations.

Good luck.

I am using NCSBN for the test preparations in two weeks. Hopefully my last test that I will ever take.

I am using NCSBN for the test preparations in two weeks. Hopefully my last test that I will ever take.


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I am using this program also but just 3 week pn. I heard that it was very good I didn't have the money for the other ones I also use all the free books at the library . I will be taking my test soon also. I really hope it works for me too

The program itsel is useful, lots of content, nothing to detail but to the point. The questions are also very good, althought hard to get their 75% passing scores.. Some rationels are vague..

This is a good program I took a couple quizzes from it to try it out. You should also try to look into prep-u 10,000 that's one of the main programs I used and I think its really good program to practice questions with. I felt really prepared and it really increases your critical thinking ability and you can see how you increase on the levels of the topics as you go along. NCLEX 4000 is great for practicing content type of questions and for critical thinking, as well as practicing alternate styles like Select All that Apply, drag-drop, exhibit. If you have Saunders Book/CD you can use this for alternate styles. Make sure to maximize materials you already have and good luck to you.


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Being completely honest with you, I tried the NCSBN for content and felt that it needed a lot of supplemental material for me to fully understand it. I LOVED the questions on it. I used the three week trial only for the questions and it was so helpful.

For those of you that took NCSBN learning extension for RN and passed, were you able to score above 75% for each component? I scored 60% in both the pre and post-test for management and delegation :( its so frustrating. I was scoring high in Kaplan. I don't know what to think. My exam is next month!