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  1. DJAYS

    Ohio board of nursing

    Hello I have a question did you just pay for quick results first? My is saying "in review for 2 days now. Not sure what to think ? Everyone is saying this is a good sign not sure what to think after 2 days before the next day it said closed when I failed but it was a old website . Please help what should I do now thanks
  2. DJAYS


    Hello Everyone Has anybody ever had a problem with nursing board in OHIO . My results still say "IN REVIEW" it's been 24 hrs .Tomorrow I get quick results . Their website change this past summer ...what does that mean?
  3. DJAYS

    OHIO Boards Results

    Hello Everyone I wanted to know if anybody from Ohio had experice with the new nurse board website. My result after 24 hrs say " IN REVIEW" ... Is that normal for Ohio nursing ... ?
  4. DJAYS

    Graduated 2yrs and just taking nclex pn

    Well start with your basic stuff... go over disease process . Because it's important to know how they work when picking answer ...go to the library get all the free book ...Saunders..ATI
  5. DJAYS

    Nclex review tips/information: Read this

    Hello I have joined the quizlet group but you have to accept me for to see your notes...I am wonderfulnursing pleas accept me in your group. Thank you
  6. Try UWORLD it's hard but its all above passing level questions so if you get them down most people pass . Good luck
  7. DJAYS

    Passed Nclex!! UWORLD lifesaver

    Do you feel the UWORLD was worth the money for LPN? I tried it was very confusing at times and my score were very low. I never got over 35% for over all scores. I know that the LPN UWORLD was new so they are still working on fine turning it. I haven't retaken my test yet but everyone say it's better the ATI, Kaplan, ...what do you think?
  8. DJAYS


    Well thank you but I have a big problem breaking the question down that is my weakness for sure. Been going through UWORLD questions very slow it's been helping a lot . So now I just got to break each question down it takes a long time but I been getting right ...lol
  9. DJAYS


    Thank you so much for your input on the subject. I just hate that there is so many reviews that take your money. I will keep try to make the best out of this test. I can't understand why this was been so hard for me. But I do have a better understanding on how to answers the questions now. Thanks again
  10. DJAYS


    Yeah thanks for your input on that. But for me ATI give me more of how it is set up ..like a story.. where UWORLD is cut throat..I get from 30% to 55% on UWORLD and it's the new review so I thought I might be ready . Then when I go to ATI ..my scores are better plus I understand. I can use ATI..2008,2011,2016 from my school so that is over 6 different test. It's funny because their topics were the same .but set up different. Then somone told me the ATI was all near passing questions that is why you can score so high..I am not sure what I want to do to prepare. I want to do questions but I sure don't want to waste time on near passing when I need above passing level to pass
  11. DJAYS


    I guess I was asking because I was thinking I don't care for UWORLD like I thought I was going to. When I tried the free UWORLD RN back in the fall when they had the free 7 week it was nice but this pn one is very different to follow . I hate that because everyone said it's like the best thing moving , then when for me it's hard . With my ATI which is free from school I understand it ... I find that I am looking up most of the UWORLD stuff .
  12. DJAYS


    I wanted to know if any has used the new UWORLD pn ? I been using both ATI and UWORLD and what I am finding is my scores are so low with the UWORLD that it is making so hard to use the review. Yet everyone is saying it's the best because 95% of all their questions are above passing which mean if you can get them right and understand them then you will be fine. I used ATI in school so I was trained in school how to use it . Has anybody else had this problem ... What did you use to prepare for the pn test and pass?
  13. DJAYS

    NCLEX LPN/LVN Exam - C.A 2016

    How did you study ... did you use ATI ... I tried the new one UWORLD very hard
  14. DJAYS

    Help me pass NCLEX-pn

    I understand what you are saying. In the state of Ohio you can't replete a class that you pass. Like if I failed a class I can return but if I pass that class I can't retake it . So learn how to understand the question and what they are asking for ... break a question down to see why they choose that answer Kaplan has a good book . But you have to know how to break down and the questions...Good Luck
  15. DJAYS

    ReMar Nclex PN Review

    Hello I just gotten it a few days ago and so far I love it. It right to the point not a lot of stuff that I didn't need to study. What I really like is she teaches the core content of the subject. The quick fact book is very good ...make that your bible read it everyday. Plus its yours to keep for only$270. all the others review you had a set limit ...I can watch her DVD'S over and over again.. and if I get confused ..she is only a email away. But like I said I only been using it for a few days . I have a few friends whom pass with her review, good luck
  16. DJAYS

    ReMar Nclex PN Review

    Hello everyone: I wanted to know if anyone has ever used the ReMar Nclex review to study? This will be my fifth time sitting for the Nclex. My friend has used it and she loved it because she said it was very detaile and to the point , the DVDs were on point. I tried Saunders , ncsbn, Hurst, Kaplan but I can't pass this test. I been out of school since 2014 ... Now I just need to pass and go on with my life. Has anybody used the ReMar Nclex pn review please help.

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