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  1. NJ2013

    Prioritizing in the Cath Lab

    couldn't have said any better. in addition to that, know your Doctors, and memorize their preferences. know where the supplies are, as well in keeping in mind what will they use next. For example, if they are doing a cath via radial artery, keep the exchange wire handy..
  2. NJ2013

    Cerner EMR? Tell me allll about it

    cerner is what we use at our hospital. please keep in mind that there are different variations of it.. Cerner EMR is easy to navigate, easy to chart as long as your informatics dept tweak it.. It has different "bands" so you can customize to your specific liking.. its really a nice EMR. you'll be able to master within a few weeks.
  3. I am exactly in the same position. I have been an ED nurse for 2 years and i loved it. Cath lab has always interested me as well for which i applied for. I just interviewed at my hospital, and to my surprise the pay increase is only $1/hr more than what I'm getting paid already, and they require 7 days/ month of on call. which was a bomber for me... I have talked to a few cath nurses, and they don't seem to bother by it... which makes my decision ever harder. they provide 30mins after a call, which also bothers me as I live 20-30 mins from the hospital, and feel as it may cutting close. Sorry to hijack your thread, but it seems as we are dealing with the same situation. would love to hear your decision, and thoughts from other RN who made transition, or have been in the cath love..
  4. NJ2013

    New grad. Torn between two..ER or med/surg?

    ER as sugested above, hopefully they have a good orientation program. My hospital has 14-17 weeks for new grads.. take advantage of that they have..
  5. NJ2013

    Salary question

    1-2 years experience is about 33-35 x hr
  6. NJ2013

    License Number

    mine took 8 weeks after confirming the NCLEX. But just like the above the post, the number will be posted online and you'll get the actual license in the mail 1 week later.
  7. NJ2013

    St Barnabas interview

    so, how did it go?
  8. NJ2013

    Trinitas Nursing School

    please see this post .. is there any anything in particular you would like to know? https://allnurses.com/new-jersey-nursing/union-county-college-917079.html#post7895777
  9. NJ2013

    Getting licensed at same time as Pa?

    it may take close to 8 weeks for initial license and about 6 weeks for endorsement.. I guess your choice depends on where are you planning to work ..PA or NJ
  10. NJ2013

    Trinitas school of nursing

    hi, it is very doable. I took nure 130 and bio 106 together and received B+ for both... 130 is more like a regular college class (once a weeK) there are 5 quizzes and 5 tests including the final.. use your time wisely and do not fell behind.
  11. NJ2013

    Where to go to next after LPN?

    most lpn to rn programs are usually offered in brick and mortar schools..but if you plan on doing it online, make sure to check their accrediations.. you should start by looking into your local community colleges and hospitals to see if they offer bridge programs. you can also check the NJ nursing board for the list of accredited schools, and maybe go from there
  12. NJ2013

    What TIME of the day did the BON send your ATT

    late evening for me. you should call them to make sure all paperwork was received.. in my particular case, the board claimed they never received my school completion letter, so i had to stop by the school and get a sealed copy and had to hand deliver to them..
  13. NJ2013

    trinitas school of nursing

    as suggested above.. in addition, when taking notes from the book, use the power points as your guide.. make sure you understand what the questions is asking, know your content (symptoms, meds, rn interventions, etc), pay attention to the lecture, and take notes from it.. Do not procrastinate on your required readings. Practice math problems, those are given points and don't take them for granted.. also study for the quizzes, and try to get 100 for those As per the clinical site, it really depends what work for you. I know they offer trinitas, and overlook hospital.
  14. NJ2013

    How to run a Background Check on self?

    find out what agency your state uses for their background checks. often times, you can pay to get a personal copy..
  15. NJ2013

    ca nclex passer without snn

    Excellent answer. There is no way around it..
  16. you would eventually want to be become an RN. that being said, go straight to get your RN. RN school won't be easy, and time management is very important..