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NCLEX Tomorrow!!!!

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Taking my NLCEX-PN test for the first time tomorrow and hopefully the last. I thought I would be more nervous, but I am not. I am sort of exctied to take it. I do not know if this is a bad feeling or good feeling. If anyone has taken the NCLEX I would greatly appreciate some encouraging words and PRAYERS!! This is a big thing! I studied exam cram and I did Virtual ATI. I have at least 5000-6000 questions under my belt!:yeah:So i'll be back on here tomorrow to share my experience!!


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Good luck! You will do great :)

Ms.SJnurse2b, LPN

Specializes in Mental Health.

WOW! So i went into the testing center feeling okay. I had a good breakfast and I felt good this morning. I took my test and I just got home. I did the pearson vue trick and I got the famous POP UP!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Yessssssss!! So happy I am done. I am a nurse now!!!

Ms.SJnurse2b, LPN

Specializes in Mental Health.

Thanx everyone for the luck!!!


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good luck!!


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All the best!


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Oh wow...I'm glad you're more excited than nervous. Wish I'll have your confidence whenever I take my NCLEX in the future. GOOD LUCK =) With that type of optimism, it'll definitely go a long way.


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