NCLEX Shut off at 265... worried...


Well I took my NCLEX RN at 1330 today July 25th 2011.

My heart stopped when # 76 popped up. There were a ton of SATA questions, a ton of priority questions, no hot spots, no hearing/sounds questions and 1 drug dosage question. :sstrs: I used all but 8 minutes of the 6 hours allowed and I didnt take ANY breaks! 6 Hours straight and 265 questions! I KNOW I failed it, I guessed a lot and didnt know half of what was tested. Drugs that I have NEVER heard of and priority questions that I could rationalize in my head that TWO were correct. I felt faint and didnt eat since 1030 until 7pm on some pretzles. I was shaking and on the verge of tears when driving home. And a migrane from hell... I still feel like throwing up... :barf01:

I did the PVT and got the good pop up, but it doesnt make me feel any better... any insight is much appreciated! :crying2:



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according to everyone on the site and my classmates who have already taken the exam, the PVT works!!

i know its not the same as seeing the official results, but i hope that gives you some comfort.


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PVT worked for me. I think you're good! :redbeathe


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Keep your chin up!!! I took NCLEX last thursday and had 265 questions as well. I was sure I bombed it. I could have wrote your post. There were questions that I had no clue about. I finished around 6ish and did the PVT trick and got the good pop up! That was my only comfort and gave me hope. Sure enough, when the quick results option came up I did it and saw a BIG FAT PASS!!! I think you are good to go too. PVT is very accurate!!


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Thanks everyone! I will post as soon at I check my unofficial results... I just have always heard that when people get 75 Q's is cuz they know their stuff and if you get 265, its because your not doing so hot so the NCLEX keeps giving you another try and another and another etc etc etc and a lot of people i have read on here have failed when they got 265.... Find out tomorrow... I dont think I can emotionally take this test again, even if I was promised 75 questions.... ugh


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My class was told that they randomly pick someone to take all the questions, the instructors could have been blowing smoke up our a** I do not know. The review course people said that the test looked for a certain level of competence. They drew four lines on top each other and said imagine yourself on the second line from the bottom with the bottom line representing failure and the top line representing pass each correct answer takes you closer to the top line and every incorrect answer takes you towards the bottom line. So if you start off strong and get into the top part it is hard to get down to the bottom fail line but if you start off with bad answers it is hard to get up into the pass level. Have I thoroughly confused you now?


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Ugh, I had soooo many SATA questions! Those were my weakest when testing and practicing! I just wish michigan Pearson Vue or BON would hurry up! I hate waiting and I cannot move forward with my life until this one big thing has passed!


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what did you use to study?


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I have NCLEX 4000 that I used to study from... Just kept doing question after question after question...


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Congratulations!! Happy for you!

Wish me luck, going in tomorrow


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Congrats also:yeah:

I was anxiously waiting for ur results with u!

Wish me luck, taking nclex tomorrow @ 8am!