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  1. How far is too far?

    I thought this post was going to be about how far you would drive for work. I have watched a few vlogs they are nothing I would have used for info, too many schools have videos online that are so much better for that purpose.
  2. Is it possible to care too much?

    Unfortunately hospitals must make money to survive so they must be fast, efficient and at a distant third is caring Charity work is an option "doctors without borders" peace corp etc. you will not get rich might get kidnapped and killed but you wil...
  3. Trying to help a classmate that has NCLEX fail round 2

    My school (ADN program at Kent State) sent all of us to a program called "Buszta NCLEX review" prior to taking the NCLEX, it helped us to focus and understand what the question was asking and what we needed to know, I believe we had a 91% pass rate f...
  4. New name for nurses who are men

    Slightly off topic but still related, Why is it that in every interview I have the nurse manager will at some point say "It is great you became a nurse, we need more male nurses" I never get the job(new grad with ADN and only have BLS, ACLS certific...
  5. fromthesea what part of Ohio are you in? I ask because it sounds like my area Cleveland/akron, tons of schools teaching nursing but no new grad jobs to be found. I only started 2 iv for real in my whole time at school and tested out on all the oth...
  6. How much did you owe in loans after earning your BSN?

    I got my ADN with about 25k in loans (it took me 3 years with the prereqs and all) no jobs for new grads in my area, the damn ads are even starting to say new grads not eligible to apply or new grads need not not apply, so I am continuing on for my ...
  7. Quick Question!

    Once it is listed on your State's Nursing Board you are a nurse of course it might takes days or weeks to get listed or just one day so it depends on the State you are in.
  8. Long Term Care (you probably do not want to hear that but is a good career avenue), flu clinics, blood drive volunteer broaden your mind and think of all the different sections in your nursing textbooks and where they apply in the real world besides ...
  9. relationship vs work? when to say yes/no...

    I would say (and I am a guy) dump the BF (it might help him mature a little and learn to be supportive of others) and follow your desires. Enjoy your life because in the end it is your life!
  10. Social Relations With Co-Workers

    If you must at least make it a different department, nothing worse than having to work side by side with someone you just broke up with.
  11. New RN grad

    That is what I heard. The fiscal year thing is weird some hospitals end them in December others in October also some schools end theirs in July others in December. The Government entities usually have it in October, in the end it really doesn't make ...
  12. AS vs BS

    And this is how you raise the dead:lol2:
  13. New RN grad

    Akron General has just fired all 70 of their LPNs and are replacing them with RNs (20 so far), so you might want to apply there and remember the new fiscal year starts in october so the local hospitals CC and such might increase the hiring rate. Con...
  14. The patient, who is christ

    Bro. is short for Brother which is usually reserved for Monks, I believe, and seeing that the Brother has a BSN after his name that this story is from his past. Personally I do not see where he caused the patient any harm and he even states "I had ...
  15. RN-BSN

    Kent State University's RN to BSN is $421(If I remember correctly) a credit hour with a minimum of 33 credit hour from KSU to receive a KSU degree. This is if your previous educational credits transfer and such.