NCLEX-RN Pearson Vue Trick?


Hello Everyone!

Does Pearson vue trick work 100%?

I took exam today 7/25/17 at 8 AM, got out at 9:17 AM with 76 questions.

I felt like I failed. So, i tried to do trick.

Here is what I did so far with numerous ways.

1) I used a valid credit card that has sufficient fund with different expiration date and CVC number.

2) I used a valid credit card that has insufficient fund. i put all correct expiration date and CVC.

"The payment was declined. Reason: Invalid credit card number. Reenter number or use a different credit card.'

Does this mean I failed the exam?

I did this trick a right after exam, 2 hours, and 4 hours.. I have been keep doing it!

But, one of my friend who finished with 75 questions told me that trick did not work for her..

I am so panic right now Please help me..

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

I cannot wait till in two days.

I had 15-20 select all that apply

3 cardiac rhythm

2 correcting order of response

1 math problem.. so i was thinking math? maybe i am failing?

Last question was about constipation does it that i fail? or too early to say that?

Thank you so much for your help!


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No the PVT does not work 100%. If your state participates in quick results you can pay the small fee and find out in 48 hours. You could take a look on your state BON website and see if a license number appears after your name. Sometimes you can do this before 48 hours. Most students who have prepared for the test pass on the first try. The number SATA and the other types of questions have no bearing on passing or failing.


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Pearson Vue Trick is based on the payment program for the testing company. The payment program was never intended to be used as a determination of pass/fail of NCLEX. There are no safeguards in the system to prevent false positive or false negative PVT result. Even if you did the trick accurately, you can still have a false result based on what stage your test results are in their system.

The average pass rate (nationally) is 85%. Since NCLEX test is based on US nursing, that number is higher if you eliminate International test candidates, especially if English is not their first language. Having the test stop at 75 (75-80 probably) indicates one of two possibilities: You either did very well and it determined that you were minimally competent or you did extremely poorly that it decided that you could not pass regardless of the number of questions. It is extremely unlikely that a person that did well in school and studied extensively would fail at 75 questions. The NCLEX is a computer adaptive test which means it's purpose is to adapt to your correct/incorrect answers. IT IS TRYING TO MAKE YOU ANSWER INCORRECTLY. It is trying to find the level of difficulty that you an answer consistently correct. Nursing school tests are designed with the expectation of you answering every question correctly. Your natural instinct is to think "If I am getting the questions wrong, I am failing". There are 60 questions that count and 15 beta questions in the first 75 questions. In theory you can answer 30/75 correctly and pass at 75 questions. That is 40% of the questions answered correctly. In nursing school, that would be an F.

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Wait until the official results are posted on your state BON, everything else is speculative. Whatever happens happens.


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It worked for me and confirmed it within 24 hours on my BON with my license number. However, I used all the correct information for my credit card information. Maybe try that?

I also took mine today in Atlantic City, NJ. I had similar questions that you had posted. I did the trick and it did work. I put in the correct card number but put in the wrong security code and it took me to the next step. I submitted it and I got the message that I could not register again . Good luck


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Which state is this?

I am in MA.


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Hi! I took the exam on July 22nd in Washington and did the PVT the next day and got the 'good pop up' and I ended up passing. I put in my real credit card number but put in a phony exp. date. I hope you pass!!


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I took my test July 21,2017 and tried the pop up and it said my results were on hold, two days later i got the GOOD POP UP saying "our records indicated that you have recently scheduled this exam..." On July 26, 2017 found out i PASSED. PVT worked for me. Last time i took it, it said my credit card was declined and i FAILED.


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If you login to the pearson vue website, you can pay the $7 for quick results after 48 hrs.

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When people say "I tried the PVT and it worked for me so it must work", it makes me think of people who point to all of the people they know who have had surgeries and never had a post-op complication, so people don't get post op complications.

The pvt is a game. Sometimes what you think it predicts is how it turns out. Sometimes it doesn't. Pay the fee for quick results if you have that option and don't obsess about a game.


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The PVT "good pop up" is not always accurate. I took my NCLEX-RN on 7/24/17 and put in the accurate credit card info and it allowed me to attempt to register without any pop ups or as it's termed "good pop up". I was scared that I failed, 24 hours later I found out that I passed! So don't put your all into the "good pop up" thing, it's not always accurate!