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  1. Skyride

    Florida Hospital EKG Course

    Hey, I have some updated information in case anyone was wondering: When you accept an offer from Florida Hospital, it is contingent upon passing NCLEX, background checks, etc. and the EKG test. Here is the info right off the handout they gave to us: -Allocated time = 2 hours -Passing scores = 78% (CLEP 85%) -Missed lethal = automatic failure -Randomized sequence -Test questions = 18 different strips that can be used for multiple questions including "choose the best answer" or "select all that apply," 1 True/False, 43 questions total, NO pharmacology questions -Remediation = lethal rhythms, unsuccessful score, knowledge deficits (rhythms, measurements, etc.) You also attend complete online modules and a 4-hr. review course beforehand. I found the review course to be very helpful. The people in nursing education are really nice and will work with you! If anyone wants a copy of the Nov. 2017 EKG packet they give us, feel free to message me and I'd be happy to help. It can be good general review too. Good luck everyone.
  2. Skyride

    Saunders Assessment

    That is a good score for the pre-test. I remember mine was only in the low-50's at first. I wouldn't base studying on the plan they give you but focus more on doing lots of practice questions, and reviewing the content on areas you missed or just feel like reviewing. Good luck!
  3. Skyride

    Failed NCLEX 265 - it's going to be ok

    Getting up to question 265 means you are almost right there. I was a repeat test taker too so I can relate, at first my failure was the most bitter lemon but in the end I managed to turn it into something resembling lemonade. And the victory was so sweet. NCLEX is a small bump in the road and you WILL overcome it.
  4. Skyride

    NCLEX October 2017

    Best of luck to everyone testing soon!! Ya'll got this!!!
  5. Skyride

    NCLEX Shut off at 88!

    I'm sorry to hear of your bad popup. The PVT is a fairly accurate indicator but there can be false negatives. If you did fail though, it's only a minor bump in the road. I failed my first attempt at NCLEX and that lemon was so bitter but I managed to turn it into something resembling lemonade. The victory after finally passing was so sweet. Anyways, nothing is guaranteed yet though until the official results come in. Best of luck moving forward.
  6. Skyride


    I had to take two attempts at the NCLEX to pass, both times testing in the afternoon and my results were posted on the FL BON the next morning at around 9AM. It was a surprisingly quick turnaround. Maybe sometimes the exam processing on PearsonVue's end is a bit longer though. Anyways, congratulations on passing! Good luck moving forward in your career.
  7. Skyride

    NCLEX Shut off at 88!

    I think you did fine. Not many people feel confident after taking the exam. I didn't remember the majority of the questions either, just specifically the last one. Have you tried the PVT? Good luck awaiting your results.
  8. Skyride

    Orlando Health Nursing Residency Spring 2018

    It just says 'Applied.' I'm not sure if they check the graduate nurse applications frequently, maybe it's just at specific intervals of the year. The number for their HR department can be found here: http://www.orlandohealth.com/nursing/registered-nurse-residency-program They might just say something generic like wait for your application to be processed, but it's worth a shot! Good luck.
  9. Skyride

    Orlando Health Nursing Residency Spring 2018

    I'm not sure if I even applied the right way and their site is not very user-friendly but, I submitted my application two months ago and never heard back from Orlando Health. Some other hospitals responded the next day or week so not entirely sure what's going on there. I would try contacting the HR department directly and inquiring about graduate nurse positions.
  10. Skyride

    NCLEX tomorrow! 3rd try!

    Have you tried the PVT on your previous attempts? Nothing is solidified yet until the official results come in. Good luck.
  11. Skyride

    NCLEX exam in 1 week...am I ready?

  12. Skyride

    Please I need HELPPPP! I failed NCLEX-RN five times.

    I feel like something isn't adding up here. 69% average on the question bank is really high. Are you doing the practice questions open book?
  13. Congratulations! I was a repeat test taker as well, and the pain of defeat just made the taste of victory that much sweeter! Good luck in psych nursing. Very interesting field.
  14. Skyride

    Florida BON app timeframe

    Yes, the FL BON is surprisingly fast with updating NCLEX results! I tested on a Thursday at 2PM and they had my results + license number updated on their site the next morning!
  15. Skyride

    Florida BON app timeframe

    The application is pretty straightforward online. In terms of supplemental documentation, you complete the CBC (fingerprinting) at an approved FL vendor and for those coming from out-of-state, you submit an official transcript indicating that you completed and graduated from your school's nursing program. Expect around a month-long wait after you submit your application for the ATT though, it's pretty long. Good luck!
  16. Skyride

    NCLEX Pearson Vue Trick Ever Wrong??

    Yes, PVT was an accurate predictor for me on both occasions.