is NCLEX RN 4000 free online just like the 3500?

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Felicia327 said:
The 3500 question link seems to no longer work, Does anyone know of another link? I've tried it with Internet Explorer and AOL and still nothing. Thanks.

The NCLEX 3500 CD is comes with the book that we used in our class, BRUNNER&SUDDART's Med Surg. i think that is also a helpful source, our instructor told us to read the CD, and that was a year ago, so i fogot :banghead:already!

maybe i need to read few questions from that source again and see how it goes.



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Hello, thank you for this link. It seems to work for me. I 'll start right away to do some questions from it . Good luck.


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Thanks ctgrows- your link worked! The one I had been using stopped working. btw, I think this a great FREE site for practicing questions- good compliment to all other review materials.


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Hey, I know most of these posts are pretty old, but I also had problems getting 3500 when I first tried. I actually just kept googling "NCLEX 3500 Free" and I found the whole program available for download. Soo, I now have it on my computer without having to go to any site to use it. This may not have been completely legal (I'm honestly now sure if it was or not), but just wanted to let you all know it is out there if you ever get stuck.


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Downloading software is not legal. It violates copyright laws. NCLEX 3500 is copyrighted. Not trying to accuse anyone of anything. I actually think a lot of people are unaware of this because the movies, books, etc. are all over the internet "for free". But we should be aware of the potential consequences of downloading copyrighted material.


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LOL...thanks. Just trying to help everyone out.


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Always assess before implementation.. If there are 2 A's and 2 I's.. then try to see if the assessments fit first then go to the implementation.

No matter what you must memorize your lab values.. A nice trick is to memorize one number. So NA 135-145 if you remember 140 and you see 130 U know it is low.

U must study test taking strategy and critical thinking.

U must be able to indentify the topic of the question if not then look at the answers. NCLEX hides the topic, so you might have to read the answers for the clues.

Priority word means next thing to do.

Don't just jump on the question like I do, it must sound right and feel right.

Don't be an overdoer like me, don't read into the question.

Ages in question means look for Erickson.

Times and date in question then that is your topic, this is not a distraction.

They will use 11 years old for Erickson cause you have memorized even number like 10

Like giving blood you know you break out the 18 or the 16 gauge needle for that. they will give you like a 19.. to throw you off..

the test is unreality don't use real life..

Don't pass the buck, rarely you call the MD, usually assess first cause if you call the doctor and he says what is his BP.. You didnt' assess did you..


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I've clicked on all the links and none of them work.


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Where can i get free download of NCLEX-RN 3500 or 4000?

they said it really helps, is there a website that i can access the free version of it. thank you!

leeviarn said:
dont waste ur time with those ques. they are not analysis/app ques. and do not cover who u going to see first, what person are u going to put where etc...i have the cd bought when it 1st came out used it during nursing tremendously but when preparing for the boards i used something else...i pass today with 75

can you tell me if the nclex-rn 4000 or 3500 is compatible with mac computers?

thank you!



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I just answered a similar question on a different post. I think this may be what you're looking for.....

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