Nclex RN December Test takers, share your thoughts and study methods.


Hey all I will be graduating the end of Oct and am trying to get ready for the nclex. I hope we can support each other and share our study methods, prayfully we'll call ourselves RN's soon.


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I am using Mary Ann Hogans Review, exam cram and Saunders. I am also taking a review class that I paid for awhile ago. Iam mainly going to use the review for strategies. I also have a disease book that I use when I come across a question that I dont know too much about that particular disease, I study it whether I answered the question right or wrong.

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I graduated last June 08 and long story short, had a baby, life got in the way and here i am. I've scheduled my test for December and am taking a review class right before. I have made up a study plan for everyday until then that consists of going through re-reading saunders and doing between 100-200 questions from the cd rom. I seem to be getting bogged down with saunders, the way the material is presented just doesn't seem to be sticking with me. I'm feeling very overwhelmed and a little unsure how to jumpstart my studying because i feel so out of touch having been out of school for almost a year and a half (not to mention, where do you find the time with a 12 mos old?). If anyone reading this has any ideas, i'm in desperate need of a good study plan and some prayer to help me get through this :confused: Thanks so much and i wish everyone taking their test in December productive study time and the drive and perseverance to succeed!

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count me in :)

i'll start reading saunders next week


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Anyone have any special insight on studying infection control questions such which people should room with who?

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hi all, also taking the plunge in december. i am using saunders and check out the thread random fact throwing. lots of info and advice re: nclex. i find it useful anyway. good luck to all.


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Good luck for everyone testing in Dec since that's what I am doing:)


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Goodluck to all December test taker and wish you all the best!!


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Trying my best to stay focused, but sometimes find it hard. I have been limiting my self to only coming on allurses after I have studied for a couple of hours. My husband has been making sure I study every evening too. I plan on testing mid december. Good luck to all of us.


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hi all, i am taking my exam on dec. 4th, and i am using exam cram to do my last revision.

so far it's helping me. i am also using my notes as a guide too.

can somebody help me with the following questions?.

1. what are the procedures that require the patient to be sedated before it's conducted?.

2. what are the procedures that require the patient to drink alot of liquid before

it's conducted, and the once that require to be done on an empty stomach?.

please it's cofusing to me i need help.


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im taking my exam on dec 3 ,2009 at 2pm.this is my third time.good luck to all takers.anyone with the same date as mine? im at fresno area.:monkeydance::thnkg::coollook:

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