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I could not get myself to look at my results this morning. I have been nervous all day long. I went and got my hair done, went shopping for my daughter and I, did a few other errands. I was trying to stay busy. Well, I got back home and said OK, eventually I will have to look sooner or later and I will find out eventually. So I look on the website and found out that I am the NEWEST R.N. on the block!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was more nervous getting ready to look at my results then on the actual test day it self. I feel so good I have NOT felt this good in soooooooooooooo long.

WOOOOOHOOO!!!! Congrats to you, Tonya, RN!!!!! :balloons: :D


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GO TONYA. I knew you would do it. This is wonderful. I too felt so great when my license came in mail this week. You deserve this; now go party Tonya, RN :balloons:



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:balloons: congratulations! :balloons:

i am so very happy and proud of you, tonya, rn! you deserve a :kiss and a (((((hug)))))!

all the best to you as you embark upon your rn career, again, congratulations!

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Whooooooot !!!


Your efforts have paid off, Tonya, R.N. :nurse:

Hug yourself, 'cuz I can't... I would if I could ! :D So VERY happy for you !!!

:balloons: Now go CELEBRATE !!!


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It already seems so long ago since we all started posting on this board last summer. We all agonized together - and were elated when we passed, and heartbroken for each other when we didn't. Since then, it's been a long road traveled for those who have had to take it a second time.

Congratulations for hanging in there - and finally getting there. Relax - and enjoy being a nurse. You've really earned it. Denise Covington, R.N. :)


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Thank GOD!!!!

YA HOOOOOO!!!!!!!! All of us that were in the same boat, pulled it off!!! Congrats, I am sooo happy for you, Ms. NEW RN!!!!

Keep in touch and let us know how orientation is going! I am so happy...yeah!!!


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congratulations new RN, thought about you today. I had a good idea that you would pass. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good Luck and Best Wishes in your new career.

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You go girl! and also congrads to Christine! I was following some of your scripts and wondered. It is VERY encouraging to hear this. As my weeks go by, I seem to be getting very emotional over this (with good reason!) Thank you both for letting us know. With this in mind, I will go off this post and get back into studying! N-clex. n-clex. n-clex.

signed second-timer too,



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CONGRATS!!! Doesn't Tonya, RN... sound good 2 U?!?! We knew U could do it!!! Now celebrate this weekend as a new RN!!!! May U have a successful and FUN career.

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