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NCLEX with 265 questions

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Dear nursing friends, please help I'm desperate for some advice!!! I just took my nclex and got the full 265 questions. I know it's possible to pass or fail but I'm dying to know! 48hrs is torture! So the fifth to the last question was a SATA but after that they were pretty do able. What do you guys think? Please, I need advice. I am going crazy


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I know the wait is the worst! I know two fellow classmates of mine who had 265, and still passed. Try and relax and keep your head up! Did you have a lot of SATA questions?

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One of my classmates, possibly 2 of them, reached 265 questions and of course the computer shut off. What you have to remember is that when you reach the maximum length, the pass/fail is determined by your last question, not the previous 60. If that last question is about passing standard, then you pass the exam. That is what makes the maximum length rule so stressful!

While there are ways you could do the PVT without incurring too much financial risk, I would suggest that it would be far better for you to simply wait the 48 hours and pay the $8 to find out your results. For the next couple of days, don't do anything except have fun because nothing you do will change the outcome of the exam. Also, keep an eye on your states licensing website because it is very possible that you may see your license suddenly come into being before that 48 hour mark has concluded. I'm in California, my state does not participate in quick results, and my license showed up on the website approximately 35 hours after I walked out of the testing center.

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Good luck

I don't remember the exact number but I fist have a couple :(

Thank you! I'm new at this blog so was a little lost

Omg I failed then because my last question was a knowledge based question :(. A couple ones before that though was a select all that applyí ½í¸­í ½í¸­í ½í¸­í ½í¸­. This is the worst

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Are you sure you failed?

No it hasn't been 48hrs but my last question was easy, so that means I failed right? :( :(

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No it doesn't. We have seen members post that they thought they got the last question wrong and still passed. All you can do it wait

It is not whether your last question was above passing standard that determines if you passed or failed. Popular error. The "maximum length rule", as NCSBN (the creators of the NCLEX) explains it requires that the exam be scored based on a "final ability estimate". It is NOT dependent on the last question, but the determination of competency/ability based on the test as a whole. The 95% CI isn't applicable, but competency IS determined nonetheless by the entire test.

Here's the wording from NCSBN:

When your ability is very close to the passing standard, the computer continues to give you items until the maximum number of items is reached. At this point, the computer disregards the 95% confidence rule and decides whether you pass or fail by your final ability estimate.

  • If your final ability estimate is above the passing standard, you pass.
  • If your final ability is at or below the passing standard, you fail.

So....it's an estimate based on your exam, NOT the last question. Worth mentioning, too, is that it's unlikely you will be certain what was above and what was below the passing standard. The computer must deem you competent in all the required areas of testing before passing you. If you are very near the standard throughout the test in all domains....it could go either way.

Good luck!

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Do NOT get hung up on the last question. I went all 265. My last question was a math question and a very straightforward one. I was certain it was "below the line" and I couldn't tell you for sure if a I got it right or wrong because by #265 my brain was mush and I was guessing on my conversions! I KNEW I failed. Never been so happy to be wrong. There's nothing you can do but wait, excruciating as it is.

Thank you for your feedback. You have no idea how much appreciate it!!!!All I can do now is wait :unsure:

I got 265 also last month and my last question was SATA and I failed.

I got 265 also last month and my last question was SATA and I failed.

Sorry to hear that, but your experience has no bearing on the likelihood of the OP's passing or failing. SATA questions can be above the passing standard, below it...doesn't matter if you get one or a hundred.

Good luck next time.


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Last question does not determine pass or fail.

It's been 48hrs already and Pearson says my results are still not avaliable. Is it true that if you fail, your GN license will be removed out of tbon right away, even before you know the results??