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  1. had to answer ALL 265 questions on my NCLEX today...

    It's neither good nor bad. People pass and fail with 265, just like they do with 75. I went all 265 and passed, so I can assure you the number isn't a harbinger of doom!
  2. Math on NCLEX

    iF you get computation questions (you may, you may not), yes. You need to know your conversions.
  3. Please don"t read so much into the last question. If it's all about the last question, the first 264 didn't matter and neither do the competency areas (unless that last question covers all of them). I went 265. My last question was computation. I...
  4. "Due to health problems..."

    "Health problems" like "family emergencies" may or may not be simply excuses. You never know, so it's just better to leave it alone. I had "health problems" in college, fairly significant ones. I never missed a class and graduated #1 in my cohort....
  5. That Magic 1 Year Mark

    YES! Night shift = depression, at least on your "off" days when you're trying to maintain a night schedule. More than once, I called someone in the middle of the night just sobbing because I couldn't take it. Ironically, for work, I prefer the nig...
  6. Thinking about leaving nursing school

    I believe if you are not happy with what you are studying you are right to change majors. If psychology or sociology is your passion, pursue it. I finished a psychology minor and believe me, what my profs were doing as psychologists was nothing lik...
  7. switch from medical school to nursing?

    I've got a friend in chiropractic. She makes way more money than I do. If this is all about the money, you might be happier continuing to work as chiropractor than as an RN. That being said, you are half way through medical school! You're nearing ...
  8. PhD with no experience

    Since the OP feels it is unlikely she will get the necessary visa to work in this country, why not go for more school? PhD programs are 4-5 years, plenty of time to get some bedside experience doing PRN work on weekends, over breaks, in the summer.....
  9. Or since you already have a bachelor's, have you thought about starting with an ADN from a community college? it'd be a whole lot less than $55k. As it stands, $55K + whatever loans you have now + whatever you have to borrow for living expenses (si...
  10. Did a low test grade discourage you?

    All. The. Time. In fact, I can't remember a single semester where I didn't have at least one test where I thought maybe I should just pack it in.
  11. I got all 265 questions

    People pass all the time with 265. I did. I, however, did not have any faith at all I had done so. In fact, even after seeing my name and license number posted, I paid for quick results because I thought maybe it was a mistake! Good luck to you.
  12. What is passing for your nursing program?

    78% average on exams.
  13. Financing Accelerated Nursing School

    No, my BSN was my first degree, but when I was looking into taking more undergrad courses, I would have had to file an appeal at the state school, even though I wan't even close to the loan limits, as I had too many credits. FAFSA is just an applica...
  14. Financing Accelerated Nursing School

    You can use a federal loan for whatever you want, but the amount you can borrow is limited. The max you'll be able to get, per year, for your second bachelor's is 11,500, assuming you are independent and did not meet your aggregate loan limit earnin...
  15. Has anyone gone through nursing school with depression?

    If you're an introvert (being "out there" with people burns energy rather than generates it like being social does for extroverts), you're putting yourself in a position where you will spend twelve hours a day, several days in a row with several pati...