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NCLEX 2020/PVT etc

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When I was studying for NCLEX, I read MULTIPLE forums on here, so I said I would come back to share my experience...


I used only Kaplan to prepare for the NCLEX-I did at least 1700 qbank questions-over 100 questions a day and I passed in 75 questions the first time. I studied for about 3 weeks total. I got a 65 on the readiness test, 90 on who do you see first, and 30 on the alternative format test😐.  My question trainers ranged from high 40's to mid-high 60's. I actually rescheduled my test for the following week because I didn't feel completely ready, and I'm glad I decided to do that! I wouldn't recommend waiting too long, though--I took mine about 33 days after graduating.


hmm I think the best advice I have is to calm down. When I walked into the testing site, I was very anxious, but I prayed that I would be calm while taking the test and I was! I did not feel confident throughout the test, but I was calm and took my time when selecting the answers. Take the questions one at a time and pick the safest answer if nothing else.


I did the trick quite a few times and kept getting the "good pop-up", but that still wasn't convincing enough for me! I received my results within 50 hours of taking the test-the waiting period was the worsttt!

You can do it!😁

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