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  1. HFavored1

    Union University ABSN 2019

    @Fav1892 I'm in the 3rd session. Yes second was busy! but this one is more intense than the last. It's only two classes but it feels like way more. It's not the easiest thing in the world with kids but i mean its not the end of the world the way people try to make it out to be. It depends on what kind of person you are. But, its definitely not something to do just because. You REALLY have to be ready and focused or it can end quickly.
  2. HFavored1

    Union University ABSN Fall 2017

    Hi for the castlebranch requirements did you complete your CPR at the school,or did you have your own? It rejected my CPR from my job because it was from a third party.
  3. HFavored1

    Union University ABSN Fall 2017

    Well its getting ready to all pay off!! You did it!!
  4. HFavored1

    Union University ABSN Fall 2017

    I'm trying already...its how I spend my free time
  5. HFavored1

    Union University ABSN Fall 2017

    Congratulations!!! Any advice??
  6. Yay I'm glad you were able to decide. Which location? I'm attending the Germantown location.
  7. I attended Union for my pre-reqs. Some of my classes were with students who were already in the program. I always heard great things. Of course many people talked about how rigorous it was but I only heard great things about the teachers. All of the professors I had were great as well. I left Union last Fall and transferred to a different college because I din't want to take the Act. Long story short I took the Act and I will be back at Union this Fall. I was accepted for the Fall ABSN program. Union is expensive, but it just feels worth it. The class sizes were small so it was very comfortable. The staff is friendly and will do whatever needs to be done to assist you. I knew I loved Union but I didn't really appreciate it until I went to another school. Union just can't be compared. I ran into a lady at my job a while back who was in her clinical rotation there. She said it's not easy but it is doable, that a person has to really be focused.
  8. HFavored1

    Union University Jackson ABSN Fall 2018

    I've been trying to see the same thing.I can't get a response.I'm attending the Germantown campus though.
  9. HFavored1

    Union University Fall 2018 ABSN Applicants

    Have you received your packet after paying the deposit yet?
  10. HFavored1

    Union University ABSN Fall 2017

    Hello, does anyone care to share their experiences so far in the program? I'm set to start this Fall and just trying to get an idea of what I've gotten myself into..thanks!
  11. HFavored1

    Spring 2018 ABSN Union Hendersonville

    I plan on paying my deposit next week. I was wondering what information is included in the packet received afterwards?
  12. HFavored1

    Union University Fall 2018

    I got accepted!! Anyone else starting this Fall??
  13. HFavored1

    Pre Nursing Baptist College of Health Sciences

    I got accepted!!
  14. HFavored1

    Union University Fall 2018 ABSN Applicants

    I got my acceptance email!
  15. HFavored1

    Union University Fall 2018 ABSN Applicants

    Does anyone have any updates?