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NCLEX PN result on hold

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I took my NCLEX Friday 11/07. I graduated top of the history of my school with a 4.0 GPA. So, on Friday I was very nervous even though everyone I know had faith on me. My test was scheduled for 2pm but I got there at 1:15pm and they told me I could sit right away. I had so many SATA questions that sure felt like they made more than 60% of my test. The test was sooooooo hard and to make even worst it shut off on 85 questions. So I went to Pearson Vue web site to use the trick and two things happened. First I don't see successful delivery and then when I tried the trick my result is on hold. I feel so horrible about that test. I think I failed bc of all those SATA questions and shutting me off at 85 questions. Why it doesn't say successful delivery yet and I didn't do anything that I didn't supposed to do to be on hold. Somebody please, give me some insight! I can't even get out of bed because I'm so sad!

Results can be on hold for a variety of reasons, some of which you might be aware, others maybe not. If you finish faster than the average: results on hold. Too slow? Results on hold. Palm scan didn't pass the first time, needed another pass? Results on hold. Changed your testing time on the day of testing? Results on hold.

You said you didn't do anything requiring a hold, but it's not a negative, just....it is. And has NOTHING to do with your pass or fail result in the end.

Holds typically take anywhere from 24-72 hours to lift, at which time your test is scored. Why are you sad about something that doesn't matter at all??

Here's something to consider: the VAST majority of first-time testers pass the NCLEX, approximately 91% in fact. Having the minimum number of questions means you either did very well and passed, or did colossally poorly and failed.

The number of SATA questions doesn't matter; they are either above or below passing standard, and of no indication as to how you are doing.

Given your student hx, study habits, prep for the exam, which do you think is more likely?

If I look at my student habits it doesn't make sense failing but when I think about all the SATA questions and how hard they were, I get really freaked out. I'm sad because I studied so hard for over a year preparing myself for this and I have a such horrible feeling now...

Well, while I can't tell you if you passed or not, at least take heart that the odds are still in your favor. You're also still in the game until you find out you're not, so....don't waste time on 'sad'! Does absolutely no good, actually ONLY does harm at this point.

Find something productive, entertaining, thought-requiring to do to get your head off this for awhile. Surely with all that studying taking over your time, you must have some closets that could use a serious cleaning out....kitchen cabinets that need clearing/organizing.....bathrooms that have been neglected.

GO DO something with them :)

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I got about the same number of questions you did- and was convinced I failed too- Lots of SATA and alternate format questions. I passed!! I know it's nearly impossible to relax- but try- my bet is you did great!

I PASSED! :D:woot:


Congrats!! Did you find out results with Quick Results or your BoN website?

Quick results. It was almost 8pm when I was finally able to see it. My body is all sore from the stress but I feel so much better now. I will start my LPN position on Thursday. Yayyyyyy!

And all that stress and sadness for naught!

Enjoy the next couple of days, relax and take a nice break before your job kicks in :)

I definitely will! Thank you!

Wow, Same with me. For three months i dedicated my life to studying for the NCLEX PN. I took the test yesterday. My apt time was 8 am but I got there at 7:15, the first one and I thought I could sit there and do a few practice test to get in the test taking mode but they told me to lock my stuff up adn sit for the test. I got SO MANY SATA questions, I hate those. And they even gave me the same question twice; Implement what for Influenza? a. Keep door closed at all time, b. Limit visiters to 30 mins c. USe sterile glove when in concant with pt d. Neg Pressure room.

I chose, A. Keep door closed both times, Seem like that was one of the first and last questions. I couldnt find a positve answer for this question, does anybody know if I answered correctly?


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