NCLEX RN/ PVT Trick Hold to Bad "POP-UP"

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I just finished my NCLEX RN exam (130 questions). I did the PVT trick and it said " the candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be created at this time". After reading that, I thought I passed.
I'd say an hour after I decided to redo the PVT trick. Once I summited all of my card info, I got the bad "pop-up". So now I'm guessing this means that I didn't pass the test ?
Did this already happened to someone ?



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The "open registration" pop-up is inconclusive. It's what popped up after mine too. I've read numerous articles about it and this pop-up, as well as the "results on hold" pop-up are inconclusive. I've also read about several people that received the bad pop-up that still passed. My anxiety is through the roof, so we're in the same boat.


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I tested today also and 2 hrs after taking the test I got the bad pop up. Im hoping I checked too soon. I will try again tomorrow about 26 hours after I finished my exam.