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  1. Nurse Achieve Cat and Passed NCLEX?

    Thanks. I also have Kaplan qbanks as well. I plan to take the sample tests the week before my exam. I will definitely update you.
  2. Nurse Achieve Cat and Passed NCLEX?

    CONGRATS🥳👏 You got the "good pop-up" so I'm sure you passed! Thanks for the encouragement. Do you think I should wait until I receive a "solid pass" on Nurse Achieve CAT before I retake the NCLEX?
  3. Test shut off at 60, "Bad Pop-Up".... Still Passed

    I'm sending good mogo your way😀 I'm sure you are one of the ppl that went to130 questions that got the "bad pop-up" but actually passed. It's not over until you get your quick results. Fingers crossed🤞
  4. Test shut off at 60, "Bad Pop-Up".... Still Passed

    Everything will work out
  5. Test shut off at 60, "Bad Pop-Up".... Still Passed

    No. I failed. It sucks. I'm studying and preparing to retake the test mid September. Good luck to you😀
  6. Nurse Achieve Cat and Passed NCLEX?

    Has anyone used Nurse Achieve Cat NCLEX prep and passed? Im a repeat test taker and using Nurse Achieve. I have taken three CAT assessments. I failed my first CAT assessment which shut off at 61 questions. I studied their content review. The second C...
  7. Passed LVN Boards DUI

    My wife have two non-violent criminal misdemeanor charges over a decade old when she passed the NCLEX-RN 7 yrs ago. She had to include a letter of explanation, two character reference letters (professors), and certified copies of the criminal disposi...
  8. LOW kaplan scores, passed NCLEX

    I know that this post is older but I am experiencing the same thing. I did my first 70 question qbank Kaplan assessment after reviewing a section Im weak in and scored a 50%! Scary. I did and overall test qbank and scored a 54%. Im clearly going to c...
  9. I thank you for the encouragement and advice. I am diligently studying now and will buy a testing strategy course to further assist me in reaching my goals to slay the NCLEX Dragon 🐲 I will prevail the second time around. There will be a positive an...
  10. NCLEX-PN Results on Hold

    Positive thoughts. You knew the material that's why you finished quickly. You got this. I pray you did fine. Don't punish yourself.
  11. NCLEX RN 68 questions

  12. NCLEX June 2020, 60 questions

    Yes. I failed 😞 Back to the drawing board. I didn't study like I should have and paid the price. My wife is talking divorce since she has been supporting me financially 3 yrs straight. She kept telling me that my study habits were not up to par. She ...
  13. NCLEX RN 68 questions

    Update: I failed 😔. I was below passing in 4 areas. I will be sure to study much more diligently for the second time around!
  14. I failed. I will try again mid September. I will devote 8hrs daily 6 days a week to studying.
  15. Passed NCLEX second try with 60 questions

    I recently failed my NCLEX-RN on Monday. I honestly didn't study as much as I should have. I plan to retest mid September and have changed my study habits tremendously. I'm sure I will be successful the second time around 😌 🙂 ☺