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First of all, I have to say this is the most wonderful site. There is so much support for people on here and it helps to let you know your not alone. For those of you still waiting on your results, I know it's a difficult time but stay positive and don't assume the worst. Give yourself some credit, you deserve it because you made it through the nursing program. I had 85 questions and I was out of there in less then an hour. Once I left the test center I felt like an idiot. I told myself I failed, there was no way I passed. I knew I got some wrong, many I had no idea what answer to pick, and others I couldn't pick between two answers, so how was I going to pass this with only 85 questions? I was in a depressed state for two days going over every question I could remember on the test and saying I know I didin't get enough right. Well come to find out today I did pass and thank god I never have to take that test again, well maybe next year for RN but I dont even want to think about that now, I just want to celebrate this moment. I hope all of you who are still waitinig to take the test or waiting for your results have the same outcome as me and I pray for you all.

:dncgbby:Great job!!!!! It's time to celebrate!

Yay!! Congrats to you!!! And Good Luck in your new career!!:bow::bow::bow::nurse::nurse::nurse::nurse:

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Congrats on passing. I hear that alot of people who passed leave the test feeling like they failed.

Could you give us tips on what you did to study?

The book I used was Mosby's Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-PN 15th Ed. I went over the book trying to understand the reasoning behind the answers not just memorizing them. The book also comes with a cd that was pretty useful to help you get used to taking an exam on the computer. It can go up to 265 questions I believe. It also has an option for diffrent ways to quiz yourself. You can select the difficulty level which was nice too. I used Maslow and ABC's to ratioanlize some NCLEX questions. I also reviewd labs and most common medications shown on tv. Hope this helps.

congrats to you....i am one who waiting for results.i stopped at 85....i am really anxious to know result

I wish you luck, I know the wait is so hard but hang in there. Let me know how things go for you when you find out.

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