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i am from nepal

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  1. plz,dont feel stupid.You already completed and graduated nursing school.you are not only who face this problem.dont worry take some days rest n again start study you can do it,i thought saunders book will help u.calm down & dont loose your hope god bless u..........!!!!
  2. Dont worry...keep study hard..engaged your self some exersise and yoga. good luck ,god bless u.
  3. shantipaudel

    How did you do on the TEAS?

    good job,keep it up!
  4. dont worry it is good sign good luck
  5. shantipaudel

    Passed NCLEX-RN, first try

    congratulations !!!!! i am also foreign educated nurse.preparing for nclex right now,i am using to read kaplan and saunders nclex rn 4th edition.alread finished ncsbn online class and planning to follow suzanne's plan.now i am ready to take test date but how can i take that date what i have to do?plz suggest me,.....
  6. shantipaudel

    Took NCLEX RN stopped around 130

    Dont lose your hope.after 75 computer just check ur knowledge in nsg. Hang in there,Wishing you good luck
  7. shantipaudel

    265 nclex

    you can pass.stop in the 265,it is sign of pass... god bless you
  8. shantipaudel

    did questions in saunders what other study tips does anyone have?

    i am also planning to take nclex exam date,i finished Saunder/kaplan book...i wants to follow up Suzanne plan so i need to make 15 posts in order to pm. i already did 3/4 posting really intrested to follow that plan.....it plans will take nearly 45 days.
  9. shantipaudel

    what are urgent care clinics?

    ER / urgent care sound like same.ER is the place where we can treat major medical disease,major injuries ful payment on that same day with appointments disease related doctors.next urgent care we can treat simple health related condition they see patient with insurance coverage and can treat without appointment......
  10. shantipaudel

    I really believe in Kaplan...

    Congratulations !!!
  11. shantipaudel

    when co-workers throw each other under the bus

    Nursing job is always stressful. Yes team work and co-operation is always required. However sometime bitter things happen without any control. I wish you all the best sister!
  12. shantipaudel

    I stopped at 85 nclex-pn. What are my chances?

    I agree with lilyblue. Chance is very high to pass. Wish you all the best. But sometimes if you do really horrible, it closes at 85 too.