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NCLEX-PN anxiety

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Hi, I'm new to this site and about to take the test Jan12 and sometimes I feel like I've studied and I still don't have it I've been in the Navy for 10+years and in the medical field about the same, so I've been exposed to alot of different medical situations. I just need some tips on test anxiety.




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Get plenty of rest the night before. Eat a good breakfast. I have heard that you should not study the night before and to let your mind rest. Do deep breathing. You will be just fine.

Keep us posted!

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I took my NCLEX-PN exam about 16 hours ago and it shut off after 85 questions. Now is the agonizing wait to discover whether I passed. Right now I am going to keep up the hope and think positively.

My advice is to just get it over with. If you take NCLEX within 2 months of graduating from school, your chances of passing on the first attempt are 80 percent. Don't reschedule unless you absolutely have an emergency. If you haven't already, get a review book with an accompanying CD-ROM. The review book can be either Saunders, Cliffs Test Prep, Lippincott, or Mosby. I am not an advocate of any one particular review book.

With the CD-Rom, sit at the computer and answer 85 to 150 questions daily and read the rationale for each answer. It will get you accustomed to sitting at a computer and answering questions at a real test center. My exam had a lot of priority questions, like "Four patients are needing assistance, so which one do you assist first?"

When dealing with priority questions, always pick the answer that makes the most sense and deals with an actual priority such as airway patency, breathing, or circulation. My exam also had quite a few questions on correct therapeutic responses made by the nurse. Basically reinforce your strong subjects, review your weakest areas, and learn how to prioritize. All of the NCLEX answers are going to look technically correct, so learning how to prioritize is important.

I recommend a book called NCLEX-PN Strategies for the Practical Nursing Exam 2006-2007 Edition. It is a Kaplan book that gives effective strategies for answering tricky NCLEX questions. It gives you a wonderful idea of what to expect, which alleviated much of my test anxiety. Also, they'll refund your money if you happen to not pass the NCLEX. Good luck to you, and have faith in your abilities.

I feel for you, I just took my exam last week and I had major anxiety. I tried to study everything, I think I over studied and when the machine cut off at 85 questions I was just furious. I was so elated when I found out 2 days later that I passed. I even had anxiety as Iwas taking the darn test. My advice is just cover everything leave no stone unturned. My test mostly focused on priority questions nothing else, which is something you cant study for just be confident get a good nights rest and make sure you eat breakfast that morning and you will be ok.

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Okay, hopefully this will help...sure helped me!

One, try to trust yourself that you DO know the answers that are going to be asked...heck, at least 80% of them at least! The trick is to open your mind, pick your first answer, DON'T overthink (my big probelm and I talk myself out of the right answer!)...and remember that the NCLEX isn't designed to fail everyone...then we wouldn't have any nurses!

Okay if you can think positively that way...then the night before the test..do this! Take a nice long soak in a hot tub or bath...spoil yourself a bit. Aroma therapy can be very relaxing, something in a vanilla or lavender is calming. A glass of wine or champane (only one or two..don't want to be snockered for the test..LOL!). Take the night off...DO NOT STUDY! If you don't know it by now, you won't know it...cramming doesn't help...just adds more anxiety and doubt! TRUST ME!

The morning of the test, eat a good breakfast because you need that brain food! Don't overdo the caffinated beverages or you will have to pee the whole time, and you will be to wound up! Treat yourself well...it is your time to shine..yes it is YOUR TIME :). And that is a good thing!

For me, I picked my first answer and aced the NCLEX. I didn't look back either...just answer, move on...answer move on...like that. That way I didn't overthink and all the sudden find that all the answers could be right...that is a biggie for most people...psyching themselves out of the first answer (which is normally right!).

Take the time to READ the FULL question! Don't skip a single word...same with the answers!

Most of all...trust in yourself...the answers are really in your brain...now we just have to relax and let them spill out!

Good luck to you! I did all of the above and aced it, even though I had serious fear too! Ahhhhhh piece of cake once I relaxed and just trusted myself :)...

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