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MadisonsMomRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Addictions, Corrections, QA/Education.

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  1. MadisonsMomRN

    Anyone work for Conmed?

    I wonder how you go about finding other sites for them? I want to see if they have any jails in Florida (Tampa area)
  2. MadisonsMomRN

    Shut off at 79 questions.

    Mine shut off at 95! I was stressed out! But I passed!!
  3. MadisonsMomRN

    Addicted hospital worker exposed hundreds of patients to Hep C

    I also wonder how she had such easy access to the narcs... I am so sorry for the people that were exposed.
  4. MadisonsMomRN

    Anyone work for Conmed?

    Just curious. Thats who I have been working for since 10/2007.
  5. MadisonsMomRN

    Did you plan to be a correctional nurse?

    I do like corrections. I get burned out and do look around and have interviewed at other places... but all in all, I like it. At least I know that if I am there someone will care about the inmates... lol. :) You cant please them all but that's anywhere. I feel like some of the nurses I work with are mean to some of the inmates. If the nurse "likes" them, they are nice. Ugh... I could go on and on. Its nice to hear how others got into corrections. You either love it or hate it!
  6. MadisonsMomRN

    Wonder how often this happens

    Our mental health dept (psychiatrist) prescribes mental health meds. Our doctor does not prescribe any mental health meds. We are strict on what we give out due to all the drug seeking out there!
  7. MadisonsMomRN

    The reality of educating patients about their meds

    Me too! I am always teaching...
  8. MadisonsMomRN

    Wonder how often this happens

    You are SO right. They do play victim!
  9. MadisonsMomRN

    Wonder how often this happens

    Our docs orders meds as well. We stock Vicoden, T3 and Ultram. The guards definitely do not have any say in what meds the inmate gets. These meds are given on a case by case basis and the inmate must be housed in our infirmary to get them. For example, we have a female that has breast CA and other health problems. She has had surgery and she does get T3 (she was on Vicoden but it didn't work well for her) The only exception is Ultram. On RARE occasions an inmate will get that and not have to be in our medical dept. If an inmate comes in and has been on drugs or is an alcoholic we will monitor them and treat them accordingly. ETOH withdrawals will be housed in our medical dept and put on titrating Librium and possibly Clonidine. Benzo withdrawals will be treated with Phenobarb... so we do treat the inmates with certain drugs. Ugh... Sorry! I am rambling!! :) I definitely do NOT think a correctional officer has the authority to determine meds. They do not have the training to do so. Safety and security are first but doesn't give them the right to override the medical doctor.
  10. MadisonsMomRN

    Why Are So Many Students Worried About Expensive Tuition

    I guess this IS true BUT... whether we go to a community college or a big university we all take the same boards (at least in my state we do) I do realize that you do get more education at the university however. (I mean higher degree)
  11. MadisonsMomRN

    Staffing ratio in county jails

    Our jail is the size of yours. I am jealous over you having 1 to 2 booking nurses! We have between 600-700 inmates and we have a small "medical" area... Monday we have 2 nurses on 7-3. 2 nurses on 3-11 and 1 nurse on 11-7a - No doctor or PA clinic during the day, just nurse sick call. Tuesday we have 3 nurses 7-3. We have a PA clinic in the afternoon that starts at 1pm. Same staffing for other shifts. Wednesday we have 3 nurses 7-3 and a PA clinic all day. Thursday we have 3 nurses 7-3 and Doctor at 1pm Friday we 3 nurses with PA clinic 8a to 12p. We do nurse sick call everyday. We have a treatment book that we check to see if there are any BP checks or dressing changes... etc. Somedays its SO heavy. We usually do not get to booking during the day because they are out to court until 1p - 2p. It usually falls on 3-11 shift. They hate it and I would too... what do you do? THEN you have your "all availables" and emergencies. It can be very busy and I tend to feel burned out a lot lately. Again... I WISH we had booking nurses. That would be so awesome!
  12. MadisonsMomRN

    correction nurses pay scale??

    I live in Maryland and correctional nurses do get paid more than hospital nurses in my area. I would in a county detention center and I get paid more than the state correctional facility in our area. FYI - I get paid $33 an hour.
  13. MadisonsMomRN

    Anyone have advice on offenders that abuse sick call

    I agree that a lot of it may be behavioral. We charge $4 for sick calls and nothing for doctor/PA visits. We have US Marshalls/Fed inmates and they get everything for free. Let me tell you... they sign up for everything ALL THE TIME! I wish we could nip this one in the bud!
  14. MadisonsMomRN

    Why Do You Do What You Do?

    I think correctional nursing has a bad rap. (at least around here it does) I felt just like anyone else that applied for a correctional nursing position... I was nervous. Once I got in there I was ok. When I graduated, I would have NEVER thought I would be in corrections. I work in a state prison and a county detention center so I see both sides. I do enjoy it BUT only work PRN. I have tried working full time hours and it burns me out. But that is just me. It can also be very rewarding. My main job is Quality Assurance/Educator and corrections PRN.
  15. MadisonsMomRN

    Is it true nurses dont like their job?

    It has its ups and downs but I do really like nursing. There is always something that happens in between the bad times that make it so worthwhile!!
  16. MadisonsMomRN

    The "TRUE" Blue Bloater on Oprah

    He was also putting it on his skin too. He said that he had a bad case of dermatitis. ugh... that is terrible.

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