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NCLEX next week!


Hi everyone! I just graduated nursing school last month, and already have a job lined up IF I pass the NCLEX which I have scheduled for the 5th. I have been doing Kaplan and I have heard lot's of good things about it so I'm hoping it helps! N E who, my weakest area are the DRUGS...any hints on the NEED TO KNOW drugs you guys could offer would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance!!!:D

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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The majority of persons pass the FIRST time. So the odds are in your favor! I have my fingers crossed, if that helps :)

AgentBeast, BSN, RN

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From what I hear they like to ask questions about antidotes to things.

Digoxin > Digibind

Opiates > Narcan

Benzo's > Romazicon

Coumadin > Vitamin K

Heparin > Protamine Sulfate

Acetaminophen > N-Acetylcystine

Nothing specific there to NCLEX, but that's some of the stuff they like to ask.

Another good rule is that the right answer is always something a NURSE can do.

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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From what I have heard from other people who have taken NCLEX is that they often put on medications that the testers have never heard of, so it's hard to know what meds to focus on.

If you encounter a med question, follow these steps:

1. Read the question and see if you can figure out why the patient is taking the medication.

2. Decide if you need to know what the medication is in order to answer the question.

3. Look at the name of the medication, (it will give you generic and brand name) and try to figure out the med based on the name and the root. Examples: -olol for beta blocker, -sones for steriods, etc.

When studying, focus on classes of medication rather than specifics. Again, use the root when possible. Learn about the -olols, -pines, -prils, -mycins, -cillins, etc. That way you don't have to remember a bunch of individual meds.

Bortaz, MSN, RN

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Good luck!


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I take the NCLEX-RN next week also. I am soooo nervous.


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Good luck to everyone taking their boards...I'm sitting for mine next week as well...:bugeyes: