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I hate this feeling. I have taken the PN nclex last friday and the waiting is killing me.I ran out of time at question 155. What are my chances of passing? Can anybody relate to what I am going... Read More

  1. by   luv2shop19mall
    okay i think were all going nuts here waiting.. i love california but shish.. if i can only get my results within a couple of days i will .. i feel like i failed and then i feel happy cuz im thinking i passed. .obviously we are all having mixed emotions. im not going to open my book and look for answers. it will make me more crazy than i already am. im here looking for reveiw classes already. im just totally pyching myself out. hey i failed it 4xs already. how much dumber can i get.. im telling you that computer was confused. its porbably getting a headache with me.. the last question was such a blur.
  2. by   luv2shop19mall
    :crash_com nice feelings huh?? this is seriously how i am feeling and if you are going to do the assesment it will be pass the pain scale of waitttttttttttttttttinggg.g im going to be in sane.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggghhh.. help!
  3. by   Paleobug
    Nursing Dx for luv2shop19mall: Anxiety related to NCLEX as evidenced by hiding, crying, fear, anger, nausea, vomiting. That's like all the emotions rolled into one when we were in nursing school. Isn't NCLEX fun?
  4. by   willdgate
    dont worry you will pass.
  5. by   sweetnnurse
    Quote from willdgate
    dont worry you will pass.
    Thats not therapeutic in the NCLEX world. this would be a choice to eliminate. "Don't worry, and "everything will be ok." false reassurance, the perfect NCLEX call it. LOL
  6. by   loved
    I feel your pain. It ONLY took me 49 long long hours to find out my result, but for the second day, I was so restless. I only ate one meal on that day. After I finished watching all the episods of Fat Actress I had, I still had one hour to kill. When it was approaching 4pm (that was time I was supposed to be able to know the result), I went to the bath room, and stayed there as long as I could. When I came out it was a few minutes past 4pm. And my heart stop when I saw that the result was available. When I saw my result I cried (which I did not expect at all, I did not even cry when I was proposed) and I felt I was like Miss USA! (I know it's so silly, but that's exactuly how I felt). Hope this helps.