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I was wondering for any of you who got 75 questions if you could post pass or fail. I took mine yesterday along with some friends and it was the worst test I have ever taken. I studied like crazy... Read More

  1. by   ladymayfair118
    mine also shut off at 75 and i passed... i was so nervous and crazy after the exam coz i answered it for almost 3hrs.i know u can make it also..goodluck and godbless
  2. by   kathykaye
    i took the nclex rn exam in Hongkong last july2006 and passed with 75 questions...
  3. by   popidol73
    I took the NCLEX last wednesday here in London UK and it stopped at 76. I'm very very nervous, scared, mixed feelings about the exam. By the way, its CA-BON so i think i have to wait 2-4 agonizing weeks for the result.
  4. by   Jhen
    last december 7, 2006... 75 question.. i fail
  5. by   codebrown
    i took my nclex rn today- 75 questions, 40 minutes, aagh!! passed the nclex-pn exam w/ the minimum, and am hoping for the best. i took 2 ati comp. predictor tests, and was told that my results indicated an over 99% chance of passing. looking at everyone's posts, i can see that i am not the only one who walked out feeling as though they had been kicked by a mule:smackingf lots of infection control, what would you tell your aide to do some meds i had never heard of and some mental health, peds and l&d. ca brn doesn't have my "official" transcript yet, any ideas on how long it might take for results, or if i should hand deliver a set of transcripts to them? ( it's not that far for me) thanks for any input.
  6. by   viccar82
    Mine shut off after 75 questions and my results were posted on the state nursing board website in about a day . . . I'm now an RN. Don't sweat it so much.
  7. by   codebrown
  8. by   sweet_nurse
    i took my nclex-rn january 3 shut off at 75 questions for 40 mins and passed!
  9. by   Julie_Bean
    ok I got 75 questions. find out if I pass tomorrow woot!
  10. by   dijaqrn
    Hand deliver those transcripts!!
    I waited 5 weeks... also 75 questions and passed but the wait was awful!!!!!!!