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Kaplan, saunders, or Mosbys RN study guide? I do not have saunders yet but if it is close to board style questions I will get it. Please help. Oh by the way, I am a new member. I graduate May 17th... Read More

  1. by   1AndyRN
    Quote from coachlvr
    I have already taken the NCLEX. Do not study from Mosby, their questions are way too simpler than the real thing. The closest that I've studied from are the online question trainers and Qbank questions from Kaplan. Everything from the difficulty of questions (especially tests 7, 8, 9-- feel exactly like the NCLEX), to the test screen, clock,.. identical to the real thing. They even have the alternate test q's like check all that apply, and rearrage in order. so practice on those and take the time to read the rationales for each one after you're done. Kaplan questions are so close, that I got 5 questions on the real NCLEX that were exactly the same on Kaplan trainers.
    No matter how much you study, you will always feel dumbfounded after taking the NCLEX no matter how well or bad you did. It really is a stressor!
    Thank you for this much needed input. I guess Kaplan it is. No sense of wasting time with other books and cd's that may lead me in the wrong direction. This is exactly what I was looking for when I posted the question.
  2. by   RN60453
    kaplan QBank questions
  3. by   Mytonezucs
    I took Nclex(failed) and have to agree that Kaplan comes closest to the actual feel of the test. The ugly truth is that there is no way to be 100% prepared.

    To pass NCLEX you have to better the odds. My strategy this time like so many others is to divide study into content and practice questions.

    Even with that in place you'll still finish the test wondering why you even bothered studying(Yes it's that bad), but to have a chance you must have something to go in with.

    I'm using Saunders for content and Kaplan for questions.
  4. by   chelseven
    i'm using NSNA (Delmar Learning) by Alice Stein for content..

    and my friend who took the NCLEX-RN recently advised me to read some on SAUNDERS. . .

    but what i'm getting from NSNA is quite enough for now..and still plans to read the entire book.

    i'll purchase SAUNDERS soon.

    One at a time.
  5. by   am17sg05
    i used Saunders Q & A and NSNA.they helped me a lot in passing NCLEX.
  6. by   jls1117
    I finished reading and answering all the questions in the KAPLAN NCLEX book..that book is good..the questions are similar to nclex in a way..they're kinda hard too.. (its my 2nd time to take the test..i have a week left of studying) ...I finished the Saunders 3rd edition book...thats good for content..u have to have knowledge base before goin in the test anyways..Im also working on the Prioritization book that I have and Im also almost done with it...right now I am going over the Saunders Comprehensive CD...its pretty good too..and I also borrowed the Saunders Q&A CD from a friend...hahaha..i know i have a lot of resources...but ive done all of these in a period of about 2 months..coz i took the test last march and didnt make it..and ive been studying since... so i should be good ...hehehe
  7. by   Infinitee07_RN
    Hi guys, does anyone have the saunders nclex review RN? If anyone took the test and is done with looking at any books for years, please let me know if i can get it.Thank you in advance I am freaking out about this exam right now.