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    In a perfect world where money and time was not an object a good strategy would be the Saunders review and questions book for content and the Kaplan online practice questions for practice in a format closer to NCLEX. In the real world you're probabl...

    I took Hurst and failed. Not close to NCLEX by a long shot. You'll feel good after the review that's for sure. Then you'll sit for boards waiting to get a "If you see this think this" type of question. A type of question you will never get. The prob...
  3. ?'s from NCLEX. hard/easy

    To answer your question lower level questions will be more of the fact type questions. Lower level doesn't always mean easier because you either know it or you don't. Some would prefer a higher level question dealing with situations than a memorizati...
  4. Take my test in 2 weeks, haven't really studied. chances?

    The question is if you haven't had time to study, will you in the future? The other side of the coin is you just keep pushing it and the length of time from finishing school to NCLEX gets longer and longer. The best scenerio would be to have two or ...
  5. NCLEX-RN: 265 questions and PASSED!

    The number of questions mean nothing in terms of passing or failure. When the number exceeds 75 it means you have not convinced the test one way or the other yet. Because the level of test question difficulty changes depending on your answers there ...
  6. Grad. BSN 4 yrs. ago, 3 mos. NCLEX-RN study enough?

    I'm in the same boat as you. I graduated, failed. Long story short, we had an unexpected event happen(baby) not long after my first attempt at NCLEX. With school done and sleepless nights it was all to easy to stop studying. Good luck.
  7. hurst review

    Good luck.
  8. hurst review

    I took Hurst and failed. It recaps many topics in easy to understand ways but is nowhere near NCLEX. I had the Hurst material down. Unlike my fellow students I didn't go right to work after school ended. I figured my chances of passing would be great...
  9. Hurst Review

    I took Hurst twice and also have taken NCLEX. I failed. Hurst was nothing like NCLEX. I studied only Hurst for four months then sat for NCLEX. Big mistake. Kaplan's questions are the closest thing I've seen to the NCLEX style of questions. Not to say...
  10. Hurst review

    I took it and failed. I sat in front of my computer screen in agony waiting for anything I learned from that course to be of any help. I had the core material down and all the "If you see this think this" feel good tips down pat. Good broad recap o...
  11. Failed the NCLEX-RN for the 5th time!

    The logical answer for someone to fail multiple times is that NCLEX is far removed from nursing school or many of the study aids and review courses out there. Why it is this way is beyond me but understanding that this is the case allows one to let ...
  12. Overwhelmed

    What you have to keep in mind that everything is different now. If you try to cover everything presented before you 100% meaning study,clinicals, care plans, check offs etc you're going to freak. The way I did it was to prioritze my life. You have t...
  13. share your experience with SAUNDERS

    Saunders is far from NCLEX as far as questions go. They're more how NCLEX should be though, with questions following content in a logical manner. No trickery. Kaplan questions are very NCLEX. I know because I took it and failed. From what I've been...
  14. Charity NAC II

    Nac II was difficult for me as I was there for the post Katrina speed course. It was a beast to say the least. Class time and clinicals were doubled up. I had clinicals from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. It was extremely hard to absorb material and test at suc...
  15. charity nac 1

    Time management is the key. Hit the ground running. Every semester will have a different vibe. You will feel overwhelmed at times but stay focused on the goal. To pass.