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Eager nursing student! Can't wait to become a nurse

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  1. Infinitee07_RN

    Tech to tech hand off !!

    Hi all, Does anyone use tech to tech or nurse to tech hand off? If so please post your opinions about it, is is effective in PT care? How does to form look? Please share... THANKS!
  2. Infinitee07_RN

    Safe patient hand-off

    Does anyone have a tech to tech report sheet? IF so please send me a message we're thinking of starting that trend on myy floor.. thanks in advance
  3. Infinitee07_RN

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    anyone knows the rate for brooklyn hospital? thanks
  4. Infinitee07_RN

    Jersey city medical center!

    Hi all, I am looking into getting a position at jersey city medical center, and i heard they give an entrance exam for rn positions. Anybody knows what i can expect? i heard they're hard with calculations and multiple choice questions..Im not a good test taker:banghead:, i get anxious a lot when it comes to testing:bluecry1:.. help anyone? thanks
  5. don't know what you mean by transition, but you can try Helen Fuld School of nursing.. Good luck!
  6. Infinitee07_RN

    What would you do?

    thanks everyone, i decided to leave b/c there were some funny things going on at that facility..Although i'm out of a job, i feel good with my choice..i just couldnt take it anymore. Moving on!
  7. Infinitee07_RN

    What would you do?

    i need help with this and please be honest....Just started a job and i'm suspended pending investigation about something minimal a complaint made by a pt but i'd rather not get into...I was told to stay put by the phone and i will get a call..it's been 5 days already..SHould i resign or wait for a phone call? I was planning on leaving anyway but i don't feel like waiting next to to phone for them to call..but i dont' want them to call i say "sorry we cant' have you back, you've been terminated" Help please.. thanks in advance!
  8. Infinitee07_RN

    trouble finding job in NJ

    no you're not the only one looking for a job in nj.I just got off the phone with two nurse recruiters one from Holy name hospital in nj and the other from SUNY downstate in brooklyn..They both said the usual " yeah, we need nurses with experience for now, call us in a few months and we'll see if anything opens up then" i swear i was listening to a recording, are you serious? :banghead:What ever happened to " oh you'll get plenty of job offers once you're done with nursing school" yeah right.. Seems like no one wants to hire new grads except for LTC's ..I'm going that route for now, i have no other choice i'm tired for sitting in the house and callling and sending my resume everywhere and getting the phony " yeah call us back in a few months".. One recruiter went as far as telling to go to a LTC and come back per diem in a COUPLE of years..Could you believe this, is that what i went to nursing school for? I went in with the intention of making people feel better by providing holistic care to them... So my advice to you is get whatever you can and grab that experience and hopefully we will all get our dream job! All in all, any experience is better than none! I say all that to say it's not only you i'm in the same boat too..and if you find any hospital hiring pm me and let know thanks.. good luck:nurse:
  9. Infinitee07_RN

    September 2008 support group!

    i know..took mine the 23rd also passed with 75 qs:nurse:..Yipeeeee! ..I still don't know how i feel b/c it happened all too fast..i just click on the quick results and there it was "pass" thank you GOD:bow:
  10. Infinitee07_RN

    Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    How many questions did you take on NCLEX? 75..90% priority, the rest was infection control, 2 maths and meds 10-15 SATA.. 2. What study materials did you use? Did you take a test review course? Kaplan mostly...Saunders but mostly kaplan! 3. Did your SON offer any testing (ERI, ATI, HESI)? ATI 4. How long did you wait for results of the test, or are you still waiting? 48 hrs.. 5. What were your thoughts coming out of the test (total disbelief, certainty you had failed, confident you had passed)? Total disbelief. Didn't know whether i passed or failed really 6. Was this your first attempt at NCLEX?
  11. Infinitee07_RN

    Praise The LORD! I Passed Nclex..

    Guys this is my story..took nclex two days ago and found out that i passed..after the computer shut off after 75 questions i thought i was going to throw up..got myself together and went outside to my car...i didn't know what to think of the exam. Seriously the nclex is supposed to determine who's a competent nurse? Yeah to all of you who have not taken it or havent passed it, keep your head up you will make it by the grace of GOD..I owe it all to HIM really...study hard and expect to see questions you have no clue to what they are asking.. 90% of my exam was priority and delegation i used (Lacharity by Mosby) book it really helped me out.. Good luck to all of you. We will all make it in time..
  12. Infinitee07_RN

    September 2008 support group!

    gwafuh i'm soooooooooooo happy for you:yeah:..Yes God is good all the time..finally that part is over you can move on..CONGRATS YOU SO DESERVE IT:nurse:
  13. Infinitee07_RN

    September 2008 support group!

    hi guys, do i need the hard copy (mail) of my ATT in order to take the nclex? i only have the one that was sent to me via e-mail:( please let me know anyone!
  14. Infinitee07_RN

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    Hi all..i think this is a wonderful thread.. May all of our prayers be answered.. We will all make it the Lord's time..
  15. Infinitee07_RN

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    HI all, Don't know when i retest but i'd like to join this forum..MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!
  16. Infinitee07_RN

    May Nclex takers...come and join hands...

    Hi guys havent' been here in a while i still wanna say CONGRATS to those who passed and those who didn't make it this time LET'S CONTINUE THE NCLEX JOURNEY we will make it.. I've been soooo unmotivated these past weeks it's been a month since i've tested and didn't pass, i haven't cracked open NOT ONE BOOK:banghead: I know this its just BAD..OMG you guys i really need some motivation i decided on sticking with saunder's this time around i did kaplan and i guess i didn't work for me..so any advice will be greatly appreciated MAY FAMILY..how to i start again i'm really feeling anxious b/c i wanna pass so much and move on..(i know i'm preaching to the choir) ok i'll stop by again later people.:nuke: