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Hello, I took the NCLEX-RN test on Thursday and I was so suprised because it took several hours and stopped after 247-250 questions, I think. According to this website, the number of test... Read More

  1. by   g_race
    hi keyto!


    What topics have you had? I will be taking my exam next week. I'm already getting too anxious about it... help!
  2. by   nadu13
  3. by   Keyto777
    Thank you very much! I am so glad.
    infection control and risk factor of diseases,
    priority and triage
    They asked me a lot of them.

    Don't be upset if computer won't shut off 75 questions.
    you still have chance to pass.
    Best luck to you!
  4. by   DolphinRN84
  5. by   nursing85
    You know that the # of questions doesn't signify pass or fail. I heard that you can also try checking on the BON web site and check to see if your name is there. A couple of weeks ago, a girl took the test and was waiting for results. She was going crazy and checked the BON state web site and lo and behold saw her name and license #. (Just a thought -- you never know). Also, everyone feels like they flunked when they walk out of the test. Keep positive. I truly believe that helps. Best of luck and keep up posted. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. by   g_race
    thank you so much for the encouragement :-) I will let you know what my experience has been like right after my exam. Please include me in your prayers. Realizations of my dreams will start as soon as I pass this one. God bless your heart!
  7. by   GrnHonu99
  8. by   rafRN
    Good Job!!!!!Congratulations
  9. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you the very best